It’s All About CAKE! Happy National Cake Day (November 26th), and Cheers to CakeCommerce’s 3rd Anniversary

Hungry for a celebration? Us, too – and there’s a lot to celebrate. Not only is it National Cake Day (November 26th), but…it’s also CakeCommerce’s birthday! 

In the spirit of the season and all things festive, our team is kicking off CAKE’s third-anniversary celebration with something super sweet. To recognize our success and reflect on the last three years, we’re highlighting some major milestones from 2022 – plus a sneak peek at what’s to come. 

Here’s to three years of sweet success and many more! Dig in.

CAKE’s Recipe for Success

For us, it’s all about strategy. Not only is National Cake Day and our anniversary an opportunity to celebrate, but this is also a top-tier marketing opportunity to showcase all the sweet things we’ve accomplished. To generate some positive buzz around our brand, we’re taking this opportunity to showcase our credibility and continued growth since we opened our doors in 2020. Recognizing our chef’s kiss team, their hard work, and how it paid off is just a slice of what’s to come; we’ll also be announcing some things to look forward to in 2023 to get you hungry for more!

How We’re Promoting CAKE

To ensure our partners get a share in a slice of CAKE’s anniversary marketing strategy, here are a few of our favorite ways to promote your brand’s birthday:

  • Create a fun and festive anniversary logo. Share your logo in your email marketing signatures, social media posts, and across your site’s landing pages.
  • Share on social media and in emails. Let your customers in on the celebration! This will get them excited about your brand. Highlight your achievements from the previous year in these short content blasts to remind customers why they are loyal to your brand.
  • Offering a limited-time incentive to drive traffic. Urgency and FOMO are key here. To get shoppers in the mood to celebrate, offer them something they can’t refuse.
  • Partner with another brand for a giveaway to attract new audiences. In the spirit of giving, a giveaway is a great way to celebrate your brand and attract new customers to your storefront.
  • Offer a free gift through your rewards program. Show your customers how grateful you are for their continued support. After all, your success wouldn’t be possible without their loyalty. 

And Now, a Look Back at 2022…

This year has truly been one for the books, and we’re feeling sentimental about our success. While it isn’t always a cakewalk, our team works tirelessly to support our clients and show them why their decision to work with CAKE was the right choice. 

Sweet New Services and Industries

At CAKE, we’re all about freshly baked digital goodies! Here’s a taste of some hot-out-of-the-oven services we’ve been serving up to clients this year:

Hungry to learn more? Sweeten up your marketing strategy with our fresh-baked services

A Warm Welcome to Our New Clients

CakeCommerce welcomed 16 new eCommerce clients this year (woohoo!). Through CAKE’s tailored marketing strategies and the efforts of our team, we’re making our new clients top-tier.

We couldn’t be happier with (or prouder of) the progress we’ve seen already, and our team looks forward to all the success to come. 

Without further adieu, meet our new eComm clients: 

A tremendous thank you to our new clients for trusting CAKE to elevate your brand. Cheers to another great year ahead.

Client Spotlights

This year, our clients saw some seriously sweet results. Thanks to a top-tier strategy, a chef’s kiss marketing team, and a dash of sugar, spice, and everything nice, generating success for our clients was a piece of cake! Here are a few standouts worth celebrating: 

Rustic Gem

A small, female-founded jewelry brand, Rustic Gem, creates beautiful one-of-a-kind designs. Rustic Gem came to CAKE hoping to elevate their influencer marketing efforts and make their brand top-tier. With the help of our tailored, full-service influencer marketing strategy, here’s a taste of the results they saw in 2022:

  • New users increased by 168%
  • Sessions increased by 143%
  • Pageviews increased by 146%
  • Revenue increased by 565%
  • Conversion Rate increased by 192%
  • Transactions increased by 350%

The Bloom Method

A safe and sweaty fitness program that supports women at every stage of pregnancy and motherhood through their core and pelvic floor workouts, The Bloom Method was founded by moms, for moms. The Bloom Method came to CAKE hoping to grow their sales through paid media. Through our top-tier paid search advertising strategy, we saw some seriously sweet results this past year. Here’s a taste of the success:

  • 34% growth in YoY subscriptions
  • 75% growth in subscriptions from paid media
  • 18% decrease in paid media subscription CPA 
  • 100% growth in new site visitors

Cambridge® Home

Cambridge Home® is a family-run brand dedicated to creating exquisite tabletop accessories. Through its design and innovation, this home brand has become an industry leader in stemware, silverware, and other stylish tabletop creations. When Cambridge Home® came to CakeCommerce, they needed to reestablish their brand within their marketplace. CAKE whipped up a recipe for success that generated some sweet returns, including:

  • Average monthly site growth of 38% 
  • 30% Click Share on campaigns in the first 90 days
  • Paid Search efforts constituted 35% of site traffic
  • Sitewide revenue increased by 82%

A Few Words From Our Kitchen…

In the spirit of warm wishes, we asked a few of our star bakers to reflect on their experiences working with CAKE. Here’s what our super sweet team had to say:

"It's hard to believe it has been three years since we started CAKE! It has been an incredible journey and we wouldn't have made it this far without our amazing team of dedicated strategists who work hard each and every day to perfect our client's media mix to drive growth. As we all know, success never comes in just a day – it comes with strong determination and great results and this team is a pure example of that. The digital landscape is changing by the second and our team is committed to each and every brand we work with – as if it were their very own businesses. As a team that eats, sleeps, and breathes all things eCommerce, I cannot wait to see what the next three years bring! Cheers to an amazing three years to my colleagues past and present and to our amazing brands that we partner with!"

  • Michela, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

“Over three years ago, our team put our brains together to map out our vision for this new eCommerce side of the agency, but I don't think any of us realized at that moment how incredible this adventure was going to be! Here we are now with three years of new client successes, new services fresh out of the oven (and some still in the mixing bowl), and many learnings about the ever-changing landscape for eCommerce brands based on our experiences as both marketers and consumers. Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in making CAKE to be what it is today. Cheers to what this next year will bring!”

  • Adriana, Director of Strategy

“As someone who's been a part of the CAKE brand since it started, it's been rewarding to see the evolution of this part of the business. What first started as a step into the eCommerce world has now become a major offering at the agency and for our content department. The brands keep getting bigger and better, and it really drives us to create new content strategies and ideas for our clients. If this is what the first three years have in store for us, I can't wait to see what the next three bring!”

  • Alyssa, Director of Content

"CakeCommerce is the place to be. Whether it's cheffing up a client's perfect media mix or collaborating with our amazing team of marketing experts, working with CAKE couldn't be ‘batter.’ We've seen so much success over the past three years, and I know there's more to come. I'm so proud of this team and everyone that's been involved with our sweet successes. Cheers to many more!"

  • Gab, Social Media Coordinator

"I love working with CakeCommerce! Our team has so many skills that come together to create a great experience for our clients and generate incredible results. On the development side, it's exciting to be able to simplify and improve the eCommerce experience for our clients and their users. Shopify is constantly growing, which allows us to achieve new things all the time!" 

  • Sarah, Digital Producer

Have a Slice of CAKE: Behind the Brand

CakeCommerce is a full-service eCommerce digital marketing agency. We offer clients a range of specialty services, and we tailor our strategy to the unique needs of every eCommerce store. As a result-driven agency, we are hungry for success! Through data analysis, creativity, and full-funnel marketing efforts, our recipe for success is the crème de la crème.

Our specialty? We know how to whip up the perfect media marketing mix for your brand. Think of developing a media plan like baking a cake. Add a little too much or too little of one ingredient, and you’ll have to scrap the whole cake and start from scratch. As the experts, we know that creating a top-tier marketing strategy requires the perfect balance of ingredients, all working together to solidify returns that are simply chef’s kiss.

So, how did CAKE come to be? As the sister brand of Zero Gravity Marketing, we found ourselves taking on a plethora of eCommerce clients. With a newfound passion for whipping up sweet results for eComm stores, we decided the process was unique enough to have its own specialized agency. And just like that, CakeCommerce was born!

We’re Whipping Up Exciting New Recipes for 2023!

The piéce de résistance: We’ve got some sweet treats in the works! While we won’t reveal all our recipes just yet, here are a few things CAKE will be serving up in 2023:

  • Elevating our service arsenal with freshly-baked customer retention strategies, such as brand ambassadors, subscription box services, referral and loyalty programs, and more!
  • Updating our website experience to shine a spotlight on the unique value our agency brings. Speaking of spotlights, we’ll also be highlighting our team of eComm specialists and their expertise. 
  • Building a robust email and SMS strategy for ourselves – we deserve it!

Working up an appetite? Sign up for our email list and follow us on social media to stay in the know and get the first taste of our fresh-out-of-the-oven offers!

The Icing on the CAKE: A Thank You, From Us to You

We saved the sweetest for dessert! From all of us here at CAKE, a big thank you to our clients for their continued support. And, of course, a thank you to our entire team for making all of this year’s success possible. Cheers to many more years and many more tiers!

P.S. follow us on social media for a behind-the-scenes look at CAKE’s anniversary celebration! To learn more about CakeCommerce, contact our team. Let us bake your dream marketing come true.