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Baking a cake takes time, patience, and a good recipe for success. Thankfully, our team of dedicated eCommerce experts has the knowledge and experience to give you positive results and the perfect media mix. No matter what stage of the online shopping process you’re in, we’re here to help, one layer at a time.

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eCommerce Marketing Strategy

The perfect media mix is crucial for engaging your target audience, driving website traffic, converting visitors into loyal customers, and ensuring they keep coming back for more. At CAKE, we skillfully transform your eCommerce marketing ideas into solid strategic solutions, creating the ideal recipe to satisfy new and devoted buyers.

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Content Marketing

At CAKE, we work diligently to creatively bake up all sorts of content marketing for your eCommerce needs. From SEO to social media content, we handle every aspect of content marketing, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital confectionery.

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Influencer Marketing

Eager to incorporate influencers into your marketing strategy? Our team of experts will collaborate with you to delve into your objectives, grasp the essence of your brand, and understand your target demographics. From there, we’ll harness our extensive network of influencers to concoct a bespoke strategy that delivers sweet results.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We’ve whipped up the ultimate recipe for CRO success — meticulously crafted to lure more valuable users to your site and amplify conversions. By harnessing the power of interactive and user traffic mapping tools, our team ensures your site perfectly aligns with user behavior and preferences.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the secret sauce to growing your online store. At CAKE, we help eCommerce site owners find their perfect strategy by offering a full range of services that cover everything from audit and keyword research to the content you put on your page. With our team’s help, enhancing your visibility on Google is a piece of cake.

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PPC & Paid Search

Ready to bring in more customers and expand your eCommerce site with the magic of paid media? We offer a delightful array of paid media options, from a sprinkle of Meta to a dash of Google and everything in between, ensuring we find the perfect media mix to deliver the sweet results you desire.

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Why CakeCommerce?

We’re a results-driven agency built on an insatiable appetite for creating comprehensive marketing strategies to elevate brands we admire. The combination of data, creativity, and the finest ingredients make for sweet success.

Perfecting the Mix:
How We Help eCommerce Sites Rise


Conair Curl Secret

The Magic Mix Behind
Conair’s eCommerce Wins

We mixed the right ingredients to boost Conair’s web traffic by 624% and sell over 36K units.

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Furniture for eCommerce Marketing Agency
oomph Home

Talk About the Perfect
Mix of Ingredients!

We concocted the perfect recipe to help Oomph Home improve all paid channels.

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Fine Linen & Bath

Want a Taste of
Something Sweet?

Fine Linen and Bath hired CAKE to whip together the perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email Marketing recipe.

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bella bliss®

The Perfect Recipe for
Full-Funnel Success

As a children’s clothing retailer, bella bliss® came to CAKE with a specific request...

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The Best eCommerce Marketing Agency in the Industry

Client Successes as Sweet as Our Strategies


"Working with you guys is night and day from our past agency and I've never felt better from a marketing perspective- thank you all for your partnership!"

Bloom Method

"I highly recommend CakeCommerce to any ecommerce business. They bring the knowledge and expertise to take a "big picture" approach of your business, goals help scale it with a thorough social media audit, in-depth SEO and successful social media campaigns. All of their efforts have paid off on our bottom line with ROI, ROAS, domain authority and SEO rank increases. Plus, the team expertise, enthusiasm and responsiveness make working with CakeCommerce that much better."

Kate Greenberg

"Dynamic and interactive Team. Knowledgable, responsive, creative, and thoughtful. Looking for a great partner that will make a difference, you have found one in CakeCommerce."

Jeffrey Taraschi

"They were extremely organized and easy to work with. We learned alot about our own company through their research and data, which really helped develop the direction of our brand. We would recommend them to any and everyone. Their professionalism was 1st class, and we felt like we were in very good hands!"

Lauren Gachkar

"CakeCommerce is a group of very smart marketers. We have been a client for about 10 months now, and they have helped us to grow topline revenues month over month."

Tom Ceconi

"One of the best groups I have worked with. Extremely knowledgeable in the space but what sets them apart is their communication and people. Definitely recommend."

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