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Baking a cake takes time, patience, and a good recipe for success. Thankfully, our team of dedicated eCommerce experts has the knowledge and experience to give you positive results and the perfect media mix. No matter what stage of the online shopping process you’re in, we’re here to help, one layer at a time.

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We always start with a digital marketing audit

There are many aspects to running a successful online store. Let out team of experts whip up the right recipe to help reinvigorate you eCommerce site through various consulting services. Our audits feature a list of everything needed to help boost business and improve sales.

eCommerce Consulting
eCommerce Marketing Strategy

The right media mix is key.

Just like following the steps of an intricate recipe, the perfect mix for a successful eCommerce website features numerous different elements of strategy. Think of a splash of social media mixed with a tablespoon of email marketing. Plus, a heaping cup of search engine optimization to help give your whole site an added boost of traffic. Bake for the set length of a campaign and enjoy a healthy boost to your ROI.

These are all just tiny examples of what it takes to set your store apart from the millions of others that are currently online. If you aren’t skilled in working through the finer details, this part of the process could seem incredibly daunting.

At CAKE, we are skilled in helping online store owners like yourself work through the strategy phase and plan successful campaigns through various channels. Let our team help you decide the right path to take to create a successful enterprise.

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We view conversion optimization as more than just aesthetics.

Delighting your potential customers from the moment they first lay eyes on your website is of utmost importance. What they see greatly influences what they buy, how much they spend, and how they perceive you as a professional online store. Help entice them into making a first-time or even bigger secondary purchase with beautiful design and an easy-to-navigate page.

At CAKE, we understand the importance of sleek and sophisticated aesthetics. After all, you wouldn’t want to attempt the elegance of a three-tiered wedding cake by yourself if all you’d ever done was a box mix, right? Experience and attention to detail are paramount in projecting your boutique or shop as an influencer. Simply put, we have the perfect recipe to take your site from bland and boring to sweet and successful.

eCommerce Store Web Design
eCommerce Store Development

CAKE specializes in professional eCommerce website development.

Finding the right eCommerce development partner is a lot like walking into a bakery for the first time. You want to know that you’re getting the right value for your money and that they have all the tools and knowledge needed to create an awesome treat fit for your special occasion.

CAKE specializes in professional eCommerce site development to bring your brand vision to life. We are proud to hold certifications and partnerships with many top platforms, allowing us to offer sophisticated solutions tailored to your unique needs. We understand the intricacies of most complex eCommerce platforms and are proud to hold status as certified Shopify Plus Solutions and Magento partners.

We are creative magicians when it comes to transforming basic platform features into something extraordinary—like that perfect three-tiered wedding cake you’ve always dreamed of.

Featured Work

Conair Curl Secret

Learn how CAKE baked a 624% increase in Conair’s web traffic. Our secret recipe led to over 36K units sold and delicious brand engagement. Read the full case study!


bella bliss®

As a children’s clothing retailer, bella bliss® came to CAKE with a specific request to improve visibility across all digital channels and create a true omnichannel approach to marketing. Thankfully, as experts in eCommerce, we were able to whip up the perfect media mix that produced near immediate results in multiple areas.


Cambridge® Home

Cambridge® initially started as a wholesaler, where consumers could only find their products in stores such as Kohl’s, Walmart, and Wayfair. The main challenge was communicating to consumers that Cambridge® was now available direct for the first time in company history.