Loyalty Program Services

You’re already well aware that your customers love a good discount. So why not insure your return shoppers and brand fanatics always get a really sweet deal by incorporating a customer loyalty program? Best of all, our CAKE team is here to help you implement and utilize this type of program every step of the way.

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Choosing the Right Loyalty Service Program for Your Brand

One of the easiest ways to increase sales, grow your average order value, and scale your eCommerce business is with a loyalty service program.

What is this? Well, it’s basically a system that rewards shoppers for interacting with your brand and making repeat purchases on a regular basis. While there are tons of different options out there, not every plugin or app is ideal for certain retail marketing niches.

At CAKE and as eCommerce strategists, we understand this. That’s why we happily assist our clients with vetting some of the most popular customer loyalty platforms out there by weighing your needs against overall price, integrations, and program capabilities. If we can’t find the right solution, we can even assist with a custom build.

Creative and Strategic Development of Your Program

Running a successful eCommerce customer loyalty program is about much more than just adding it to your online store and hoping that it works. Instead, it is important for your brand to have a strong strategy that integrates all of the benefits of being a member, while still keeping an eye on your overall tone and message.

Our highly creative omnichannel consultants at CAKE truly enjoy helping to come up with new ways to make loyalty programs a fun and successful part of your brand’s big picture marketing strategy. From graphic asset creation to excellent copy, we’re here every single step of the way and 100% ready to add a sweet dose of charm to your program.

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Using Customer Loyalty Programs Across All Marketing Channels

If you have the best recipe ever for chocolate cupcakes, you wouldn’t want to hide it from the world, right? Having a unique customer loyalty program is a lot like this. You should want to shout it from the rooftops and let everyone know! After all, if more customers are aware of what you’re offering, the better the chance they’ll take part.

As dedicated eCommerce digital marketers, we want to help you include your customer loyalty program across all of your marketing channels. CAKE firmly believes in an omnichannel advertising approach, meaning we want to ensure you’re using your program as a selling point through social media, email marketing, paid advertising, and more.

Managing Your Ongoing Program for the Long Term

As a shopper, have you ever joined a customer loyalty program and watched as the deals fizzled out? This is not what you want to do as a successful eCommerce brand. Instead, you need to plan your program for the long term and keep coming up with exciting ideas for future promotions.

That’s another area where our team at CAKE excels. We want you to see results with your customer loyalty program today, tomorrow, and beyond. From special offers for the holiday shopping season to mid-year bonus offers, we can help brainstorm elements that continue to make your loyalty club a total hit with customers.

Trust CAKE to Help Make Your Customer Loyalty Program a Success

At CAKE, we’re absolute fanatics about all things eCommerce. From our successful digital marketing campaigns to our website development team, we’re here to make the whole process an absolute piece of cake.

Are you ready to get started implementing a customer loyalty program into your brand’s omnichannel marketing strategy? Please contact us today to get started with the best eCommerce consulting firms around.