eCommerce Email Marketing Services

If there’s one area that all eCommerce store owners know they need but don’t want to think about, it’s email marketing. However, this element is one crucial part of your marketing mix that makes it easy to get in touch with brand-loyal customers every single time you launch a new product or sales promotion. Learn more about how our creative and knowledgeable team at CAKE is ready to help.

Your Unique Brand Message Sent Straight to Their Inboxes

At CAKE, we want to make it easy to send your unique brand message straight to shopper inboxes. That’s why we offer custom-designed responsive HTML email templates for a wide range of platforms including Constant Contact, MailChimp, and others. Let us help you keep the look and feel of your marketing emails cohesive with your website, in-store displays, and other marketing materials.

In addition, we can assist in crafting a message that consistently inspires and delights. Our team is highly experienced with marketing automation and can help craft evergreen messages for items like abandoned cart emails, replenishment emails, shipping notifications, and much more.

Building Buzz While Following the Rules

Just because we follow the rules doesn’t mean we have to be boring. Our creative eCommerce strategy team is ready to help you build tremendous amounts of buzz for your brand while keeping specific guidelines for best practices in mind. Think of it as getting to lick the spoon without worrying about the consequences.

Our retail marketing solutions are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, and we follow all industry guidelines. We’re also skilled in various testing and reporting measures, such as A/B split testing of subject lines, QA testing on multiple email delivery platforms, and more.

Sales Promotions Made Simple with Email Marketing and CRM Strategy

We understand the process of taking a potential eCommerce customer on a journey. You start with catching the attention of those abandoned cart shoppers, transform them into first-time buyers (who receive a wonderful welcome email series), and finally court existing subscribers into interacting with the online shop through VIP promotions and wish list programs. While this takes a bit of CRM strategy and management, we can help you navigate the process and turn it into a retail marketing recipe for success.

Furthermore, we can also help craft and deliver specific one-time messages, such as campaigns for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Let us do all the hard work while you reap the benefits of bringing in more revenue on these uber critical online sales days.


Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Email Marketing and CRM Management

Savvy digital marketers understand that no two customers are the same. That’s why it is important to work with an agency who takes a strong interest in CRM strategy and management. Our CAKE team is about more than just the traditional batch and blast form of email marketing. Instead, we look for unique segmentation opportunities to help increase the power of your message. For example, we have the ability to segment your list to meet specific criteria, such as those who purchased a particular item in the past or those who took advantage of a previous promotion.

Let Our CAKE Team Sweeten Up Your Email Marketing and CRM Strategy

Sweetening up your email marketing program doesn’t have to be a bitter experience when you work with a partner that knows the perfect mix. At CAKE, we’ve helped our clients send out hundreds of emails with one critical element in mind: to delight and impress.

Ready to take your email marketing and CRM strategy to the next level? Please get in touch with our CAKE team today to discuss your eCommerce website and project ideas.