Amazon Seller Services Marketing Agency

You’ve got a great website, and sales are trickling in, but you feel like there’s something else out there that can truly push you into the big leagues of online sales. If you’re looking to increase your profit margins while also seeing an increase in sales, then our Amazon seller services may be the ingredient that’s missing for you and your business.

Amazon Store Set-Up and Management

Amazon has strong brand recognition – they're reliable, trusted, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. And if you’re looking for the perfect way to make your brand more visible, it’s a hot platform to sell on. A strong brand page will create stronger customer acquisition. If you want to become a successful eCommerce seller and increase your product exposure, our Amazon seller experts can help add it to your marketing recipe. 

SEO for Your Amazon Store & Product Listings

Through Amazon’s search engine, businesses can rank high and sell more products. Optimizing your Amazon product listings allows you to capture increased demand and maximize profits, but this task can be hard to tackle if you don’t have any experience or are tackling this recipe for the first time. SEO is not something that should be taken lightly, especially as competition increases every year on the platform. Our SEO strategists know the intricacies and can create a custom strategy for your eCommerce store that will rise above the competition. We can perform high-level recommendations on where and what type of content is needed for your Amazon storefront. From there, we will include items for an ongoing strategy like SEO recommendations, posting frequency, and more.

Allow Our Strategists to Perform an Amazon Audit

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Increase Your Amazon Success with CAKE!

Are you ready for sweet success? Our strategists can set you up with a unique, user-friendly Amazon store that will attract the right customers. Get in touch with us today to take your Amazon store to a whole other level!