WooCommerce Experts

Are you looking for flexibility from your eCommerce store? If you’re like many online brands on WooCommerce, this is the number one reason you chose this platform from the many options out there. That said, you’ll still want to work with a dedicated partner to ensure your website looks great and offers a positive user experience.

That’s where CAKE is happy to be your new bestie. Whether you just want to customize your store’s layout or need more robust services, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to say that we’re one of the best eCommerce omnichannel companies when it comes to creating a recipe for success.

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Custom WooCommerce Web Design

Hosted on the WordPress platform, WooCommerce offers many added functionality that other eCommerce stores do not. However, if you aren’t familiar with coding, payment processing, or other technical aspects, you might need to find someone who is.

As experienced WooCommerce developers, CAKE can help with every facet of building out your online store. Let us customize the visual aesthetic while handling all those pesky little backend details, too. Our team of WooCommerce web design experts is here to help you create an online store that matches your brand message and overall vision.

WooCommerce SEO for Better Visibility

Having a beautiful website is one thing, but making it easy for customers to find you is still super important. One of our most requested WooCommerce services is search engine optimization (SEO).

Let our CAKE team help you develop a solid eCommerce SEO strategy that keeps your brand and listings out front of people searching for the exact products you offer. Not only can we help you with the on-site content and technical aspects, but we can work to get you backlinks on other sites for strong WooCommerce SEO off-site optimization, too.

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WooCommerce PPC That Works

When it comes to paid advertising, WooCommerce sites are not much different than any other eCommerce store. You still need to have quality advertising and a positive user experience to help turn increases in traffic into paying customers.

Our CAKE team features talented omnichannel marketing experts who help ensure your paid advertising’s effectiveness across multiple channels. We can assist every step of the way, from planning to implementation and analyzing reporting data to make adjustments. Think of us as your sweetest partner in WooCommerce Pay-Per-Click (PPC) success.

WooCommerce Email Marketing

Ready to grow your WooCommerce store? Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers, both past and new. Announce sales, offer special products, and keep everyone updated on your newest inventory additions.

Our CAKE team can assist with everything WooCommerce email marketing, from setting up an editorial calendar to integrating your favorite list management platform. We can craft your messaging to ensure it meets your brand voice while tailoring all of your visual elements to match your online store. Special offer or holiday sale? We can help you get the word out!

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CAKE Is Your Trusted WooCommerce Agency

Are you looking for the perfect omnichannel marketing strategy for your WooCommerce store? At CAKE, we’re experts at all things eCommerce. From designing the way your page looks to how it cohesively matches your email marketing, social media ads, and more, we can help whip up the perfect recipe for success. Best of all, we’re just as excited about seeing your brand grow as you are.

Ready to learn about our omnichannel consulting and digital marketing services design just for WooCommerce stores? Please contact us today for details.