Subscription Marketing for eCommerce

Subscription box marketing is a super sweet first step to building out your brand’s membership marketing strategy. eCommerce brands are realizing the benefits of a subscription service strategy, like consistent and reliable revenue. In fact, by 2023, 75% of organizations selling direct to consumers will offer membership marketing services. So, make sure you get a slice of this sweet strategy!

But what’s so great about subscription services? For starters, customers benefit from the convenience that comes with subscribing, like auto-fill features, exclusive savings, and personalized curation. Plus, a membership marketing strategy helps with customer retention, ensuring your shoppers always come back for seconds. With more than half of online shoppers (54%) already subscribed to an eCommerce subscription box service, it’s time for your brand to jump on the trend! Here’s how the team at CAKE can help whip up a top-tier subscription strategy.

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Subscription Management is Our Specialty

From the experts in subscription consulting, the secret ingredient to success is a thoughtful, data-backed strategy and a sprinkle of best-selling products! Our team will build out a subscription strategy that is “can’t-miss” with a competitive edge. To do so, we start by reviewing your product and purchasing data. This data helps up choose the most optimal products for bundling opportunities. Our team aids in sourcing a subscription platform that integrates with your eCommerce store and meets your ideal subscription model while also staying within your budget. To help your brand stand out in the market, our team researches competitors, their offerings, and niche areas. From there, we will tailor your subscription strategy to ensure your brand comes out on top!

Before you can actually start taking orders, our team will build out a pre-launch strategy that includes everything you’ll need to build hype around your subscription marketing program. During this phase, we run through all the logistics like calendar planning, setting up integrated email and SMS notifications, social and content planning, and influencer partnerships to coincide with the launch.

When it comes to managing your subscription program, our strategists review data and monitor trends in active subscribers. These include growth metrics, average order value (AOV), the length of relationships, and more to provide recommendations for program optimizations and continued growth. We always keep a pulse on metrics to make better business and marketing decisions.

Because we believe in the power of working together, our team will work alongside your brand to prototype your subscription box and provide recommendations for design, customization, and personalization for a social-worthy unboxing experience!

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Content Distribution and a Chef’s Kiss Marketing Strategy

For us, successful subscription marketing is a piece of cake! Once we have designed a curated program for your brand, we work together to develop the perfect recipe to get the subscription box in front of your customers. To elevate our strategy with a little sugar, spice, and everything nice, we promote your subscription service through cross-channel efforts like email, organic and paid social, blogs, website updates, and more.

If your brand already has a subscription service in place, we can work on an ongoing promotional and content distribution strategy to increase your reach to new audiences. We’ll also tweak your recipe just a smidge to get more existing customers to opt in, subscribe, and save. Think influencers, blog content, affiliates, paid channels, email, SEO tactics, and more!

Have a Slice of Our Subscription Strategy Services

The sweetest way to enhance your brand is with an eCommerce subscription strategy baked by yours truly. At CakeCommerce, we deliver results on a silver platter. To learn more about our services, contact our team.