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COVID-19 Pivots Can Be Challenging

That's why we are committed to helping your eComm business navigate these unchartered waters and take advantage of a massive online shopping surge.

COVID eCommerce Marketing Services

With the brick-and-mortar economy facing unprecedented interruption, eCommerce has never played a more important role in the consumer buying journey. Based on industry trends and data gathered from Criteo and Steelhouse, online sales are up 133% and internet traffic is more than doubling now that stay-at-home orders are in place. Advertisers are pushing discounts and deals that normally you’d only see on Black Friday – the result? Purchases are up and retailers are seeing growth rates in a week’s time that they’d normally only see once a year. This means retailers are not only making up for their loss of in-store sales, but going digital is allowing them to gain a larger audience, higher volume of traffic to their website, and a greater chance of selling their product.

We know as a business owner, change can be challenging and you may be naturally inclined to pair back budgets at uncertain times like this. But at CAKE, our clients are seeing similar results and our eCommerce brands are soaring at a time when you wouldn’t expect them to. Because of the growth opportunities we’re seeing for omnichannel retailers and DTC brands, we’ve created the below data analysis and audit packages, targeting your Pay-Per-Click, Paid Social Media, and Email strategies. Within these packages, we’ll take a deep-dive into the data and create the perfect media mix to fill any holes, drive ROI, uncover quick wins, and most importantly, pivot during these extraordinary times. At CAKE, we’re here to help ensure that you’re not only sending a message to your shoppers but that you’re sending the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Pay-Per-Click Audit & Projections

Let our paid strategy team can assess current performance and provide insights on key performance indicators. We can also shed light on the perfect mix to help maximize your PPC potential. Insights in non-branded performance and impression share are just some of the ingredients to help guide you back to pay-per-click success.

Paid Social Media Audit & Projections

Let our data driven team assess your current and past performance to formulate the perfect recipe for your 2020 goals. We pride ourselves on providing a clear road map on how to hit your revenue goals efficiently through paid social advertisement. Using Analytics (last click) data to fuel your campaigns and achieve positive ROI.

Email Audit & Projections

Let the CAKE team assess your current email recipe and provide strategic recommendations for how to improve your automated emails (aka your best way to make money while you sleep 😉) in addition to leveraging analytics data to help fuel your regular communications to drive incremental revenue.


We are seeing incredible growth as a result of our pivot strategy with the help of the CAKECommerce Team. Our biggest campaign of the year was built around Spring Break Travel. When travel was impacted, the team promptly swung into action and we just closed our best month EVER (March) if you can believe it!

Lauren, Opalens Beauty

Being a company that is heavily conscious of our customer data, we needed a partner that would be able to give us detailed insight on a weekly basis. The CAKE team owns data and is always 100% transparent with our team by providing us with a custom built dashboard that we can follow along in real time.

Jeffrey, Dune Jewelry
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