New YouTube In-Video Product Detection Feature

New YouTube In-Video Product Detection Feature

At CAKE, we love bringing you the latest in what’s happening in social media and eCommerce. That said, we have exciting news for brands interested in using YouTube to showcase certain products.

The video platform is currently testing in-video product detection. The tool is designed to add immediate purchase power directly underneath the media player and alongside the features and benefits of a product.

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new feature from YouTube and why it is another great social commerce example.

What is YouTube In-Video Product Detection?

If you’re looking to expand your sales from YouTube, in-video product detection is an exciting option. While they are currently just testing it out, the feature compiles automated lists of products and related items in videos.

This means that an influencer giving your brand a positive review could have direct links to your items directly below their video. As it is playing, the viewer will have the option to make a purchase right there without ever leaving the video page or YouTube app. In turn, this makes the shopping process easier and more convenient for your customers.

Why Are Shoppable Ads Important for eCommerce Social Media?

As any eCommerce SEO consultant will tell you, there are numerous reasons why shoppable ads like the ones YouTube is testing are important to online stores.

First, it gives brands the power to grow their sales without customers ever viewing their website. In the end, this creates an opportunity to win them over and spur brand loyalty, which can be incredibly powerful for repeat orders.

Second, influencer marketing is much more effective when the customer instantly makes a purchase. Think of it this way, when a certain YouTuber says they like your product and lists the numerous reasons why, there are very few additional steps for a viewer to take to purchase that item.

Finally, it just makes the process more seamless for those interested in what you have to offer. Even if your brand is the one putting out YouTube videos, the ability to purchase on the fly is essential.

How Do You Implement YouTube In-Video Product Detection?

This part of the process remains to be seen. YouTube is currently testing the feature with no specific date as to when it will be totally rolled out.

However, there is a lot of speculation that it will somehow be tied to Google Shopping. Last year, the tech giant made these listings free for retailers. This spurred an enormous amount of interest amongst the eCommerce community, and many brands jumped on board.

That said, we still don’t know if the in-video product listings will be only for brands that are part of Google Shopping or if there is a different program you’ll need to take part in. YouTube did announce a special eCommerce hub last fall that allows viewers to make purchases within the platform, but no further link between the two has been explained.

The Overall Evolution of Social Media and Online Shopping

While we still don’t have a ton of details about YouTube’s new in-video product detection feature, we do know that it is just another ingredient in the overall evolution of social media and online shopping.

Today’s consumers want items as quickly and easily as possible. When they’re watching a video about certain product features, they expect to be able to purchase it at that very moment without having to go elsewhere.

And that’s where digital marketing and social media eCommerce will continue to be a huge deal moving forward. If your brand isn’t currently looking into ways to incorporate these social commerce trends, you could be left behind.

Increasing eCommerce Sales with YouTube

Again, the feature hasn't rolled out just yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t preheat your strategies and start prepping for the perfect recipe for social commerce sales success.

There are numerous ways you can increase eCommerce sales with YouTube. For example, you could start a channel that includes videos to educate your customers on the benefits or uses of your product line. Additionally, you could find existing content creators who review products like those you offer and give them a chance to include your items.

The bottom line is that to take full advantage of YouTube in-video product detection, you need to have a video marketing strategy now. By starting early, you can ensure you’re one of the first brands in your niche to take advantage of this feature when it rolls out to everyone.

Not sure where to begin? If you’re looking to increase your brand’s online sales with YouTube, working with an agency that understands the importance of an omnichannel strategy is important. Please contact our CAKE team of experts today for more information on our eCommerce SEO services.