eCommerce Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to give your existing Facebook or Instagram page a little dash of something special? Or maybe you just want to give Pinterest or Snapchat a try for the first time. Perhaps you’re ready to dive in with a comprehensive social media campaign.

There’s no doubt that the social media experience is more important than ever. Not only is it essential to achieve large-scale reach, social media now enables consumers to instantly purchase what they see on their screens through special offers through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you aren’t utilizing these social commerce marketing platforms, you’re really missing out on sales.

Thankfully, our experienced CAKE team is here to help you outline a plan and implement campaigns on some of the biggest social commerce channels. Think of us as your new bestie when it comes to all things social media.

Let Us Help You Evaluate with a Full Social Media Audit

If you aren’t sure why your current level of eCommerce social media marketing isn’t working as well as it should, it might be time for a full social media marketing audit. During this process, we’ll take a look at where your current profiles are and help you determine areas that need a little extra tender loving care. Best of all, we’ll offer other channel suggestions that might just be the perfect fit for your particular brand and message. This is a great way to get a second set of experienced eyes to determine the best possible eCommerce marketing strategy.

Dress Up Your Social Media Profiles for Success

What’s a life without a little frosting? If your social media pages are looking a little bare, we can help dress them up for success. Our creative team is here to give your page a visual makeover designed to make things look cohesive across all channels. This is a great way to spruce up your current omnichannel marketing efforts for a professional and on-brand aesthetic. Think of it as our way of taking you from bland and basic to professional and pretty!

Benefits of Multiple Social Media Channels

If you’re not marketing your eCommerce website via social media, then you’re really missing out. It seems almost every company these days has a profile page on a large platform. Social media marketing for eCommerce brands can offer a lot of sweet benefits like increased recognition, improved customer retention, and more opportunities for conversion. In turn, this translates to higher overall order rates, better brand loyalty, and a richer customer experience. What’s not to love about any of that?


Social Media for New eCommerce Stores

What if you’re a new online store with little or no social media presence? This is where it becomes important to work with a partner that understands the importance of establishing profiles and can help you create a solid follower growth strategy. At CAKE, we understand both and are happy to help you build your presence for increased credibility and trust factor.

To achieve success through your new social media strategy, you need to use eCommerce Facebook advertising to your advantage. The CAKE team is built up of experienced Facebook advertising experts that know exactly how to leverage your brand with Facebook marketing services. Generating ads through this platform allows your business to improve visibility and, most importantly, drive sales. By working with Facebook ad specialists to like, comment, and share your sweet social media strategy, you will separate your eCommerce brand from the competition. 

Of course, you need multiple platforms to benefit from omnichannel marketing. That’s where an Instagram strategy can come into play. Our Instagram experts will create a plan specific to you to establish your online brand and fill your audience’s feed with engaging and trust-building types of Instagram posts. From new product announcements to behind-the-scenes content of how your eCommerce business began, the unique possibilities are endless. This platform is perfect for introducing who you are to potential buyers, and you can do so by sharing a variety of post types on Instagram for eCommerce. When you work alongside our Instagram consultants, you will receive a personalized social media strategy that truly takes the cake.

Paid Social Media for Increased Conversions

Of course, it isn’t all about organic social media—which as a rule doesn’t really float well on its own. With a solid paid social media strategy, your eCommerce site is likely to see a 25% increase in conversions. This is big news! Our CAKE team has a proven methodology for how to structure paid social campaigns with a heavy emphasis on testing to ensure we are honing in on the right audience and scaling where appropriate.

Our CAKE Team is Ready to Help You Go Viral

You’re proud of your eCommerce brand. That’s why it is important to work with a social media strategy team as devoted to bringing attention to your message as you are. Our experienced CAKE team is here to make the process uber simple with the perfect mix of content, influencer relationship building, Facebook marketing services, and more. It’s our goal to put the icing on the cake by creating engaging and informative posts to help increase the chances of going viral and catching the attention of tons of new shoppers.

Are you ready to sweeten up your social media marketing with CAKE? Give us a call today to start the discussion with our fantastic team of eCommerce experts.