Tips To Increase Instagram Checkouts [Instagram eCommerce]

Tips To Increase Instagram Checkouts [Instagram eCommerce]

Do you want to get a super sweet return from your Instagram shop? A sure way is to increase Instagram checkouts. But just like baking the perfect chocolate cake, you need some tips. Let’s dig right in and see if we can find the secret ingredients to increase your Instagram checkouts.

Be Consistent with Instagram Hashtags

You know that cake recipe that comes out the same way every single time? It’s about consistency. That is exactly how Instagram works. Using hashtags consistently is how you train your customers on what to expect from you and your brand. They will learn that they can find product deals just by tapping on your posts.

Use the same branded hashtags in your bio and your posts. This consistency helps you appear in the right searches and news feeds organically. Also, don’t forget about that call to action (CTA) at the end of your post. A simple #taptoshop hashtag reminds users what they need to do to get the deal they see in the post.

Go for Launch

Want more checkouts? Launch an exclusive new product on Instagram. Nothing activates the principle of scarcity more than only being able to get a product in one place. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Make a product exclusive to Instagram, offering something unique to your audience that they can’t find anywhere else.
  • Feature the launch on Instagram, and let your followers get early access before anyone. You can launch the product elsewhere later on.
  • Offer a one-time launch coupon or deal for your Instagram audience, only good for a limited time and exclusive to them.

This method of exclusivity, especially for something new, can really drive your Instagram checkouts and engage your audience.

Give Them Lots of Sweet Choices

Yes, you want to drive Instagram checkouts, but you also want to offer more options. Remember, Instagram shopping is new to many people, and many users may prefer to purchase on your website or elsewhere until they adapt to the new platform.

Like offering a wide selection of pastries, provide your followers with choices in your call to action. Be sure to include “shop now,” “visit the link in our bio,” and even searchable product codes for your website to help shoppers find what they're looking for.

Chances are, they'll still pick their favorite. When given a choice, users will often take the path of least resistance and choose the easiest route – in this case, Instagram checkout. Your job is to make the option as appealing as possible.

Get Tasty Testimonials

A sure way to get more checkouts on Instagram is to partner with influencers. Some have access to additional tools to send shoppers your way, like the Shopping from Creators tags. This allows them to add shopping tags — ones that lead to your shop — to their posts.

Partnering with these influencers gives credibility to your brand and helps you reach a newer and larger audience. Influencer marketing still wins at the end of the day and will drive lots of traffic and conversions to your Instagram shop.

Prepare to Get Sticky

One of the best things you can do is add shoppable stickers to your Instagram stories. This allows people to click through right from your story. Don’t do this every time, but when your story features or showcases a product, give your audience a way to purchase it right away. It’s just one way to sweeten the deal and increase your Instagram checkouts.

Give the People What They Want

Be sure that your photos, video, and creative show your product in action — boring creative gets scroll-throughs, not clicks. Your customers want sprinkles, frosting, and an offer they can sink their teeth into. Using the right Instagram applications can sweeten the deal!

To drive Instagram checkouts, give them what they want. Show them how your product actually works and what it can do to help them. Don’t be dull — give your creative a clear and compelling message.

Final Tip: Let Them Eat Cake

Influencer marketing is one thing, but what's even better is user-generated content. Give your customers and your audience control over what your brand looks like. Genuine content created by real people who use and love your products is often the best sales pitch. They will highlight features and benefits you may not have thought to emphasize.

And Instagram users love content from real people doing real things in the real world. Let your audience have a slice of the cake and even a hand in mixing things up. And your brand will find a new appeal in audiences that might not otherwise have given you a chance.

Instagram checkout is just one more way for your eCommerce brand to reach customers. It can be fast, convenient, and a great way to drive sales. Like any other marketing recipe, you have to get it just right and be consistent for it to work. Give your audience what they want, let them eat cake, and even come in the kitchen to help for a little while, and you’ll be sure to find success.

Need help understanding and putting the right pieces in place for your Instagram shop? Or do you want to better understand and improve your Instagram for eCommerce marketing recipe? Let one of our strategists evaluate your mix today.