Five Ways Shopping Habits Change in the Summer

Five Ways Shopping Habits Change in the Summer

You already know that the holiday shopping season is the most important time for eCommerce brands. But did you know that the summer can be a great opportunity to run certain promotions, too?

It’s true. While buying trends definitely change a bit during the warmer months, there’s still plenty of room for online retailers to capitalize on their customer’s wants and needs. All you have to do is have a pretty good understanding of what’s going on and how your product can fulfill that gap.

And that’s what our CAKE team of experts wants to help your brand do. Here are five ways shopping habits change in the summer.

1. People Spend Less Time at Home

Let’s face it. Most people hate staying indoors when the weather is really nice outside, which is why many tend to spend less time at home during the summer.

Of course, this can mean something as simple as going to lunch and shopping with friends or taking a vacation to someplace fun. Even just the simple act of taking a run around the park can be an escape.

This also means that a lot of consumers prefer going out to an actual store or shopping mall. If your retail brand includes brick-and-mortar locations, then you’ll want to ensure you’re ready for the additional foot traffic during this time by running plenty of eCommerce email marketing or social media ad campaigns.

For those that are strictly online, you can still take advantage of this consumer. Be sure to promote items as “summer must-haves” or anything that might be useful to take along with you while on vacation. This is especially true leading up to the three big holiday weekends where traveling long distances is more common: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

2. More Big Term Projects Are Started

Summer is also a key time of year when people start big projects around the house. We’re talking new flooring, kitchen renovations, remodeling bathrooms, etc. This is why most home improvement retail brands flourish with special offers and sales during this part of the year.

So, how can an eCommerce company gain more customers during this time? It really depends on your niche. If your online store sells anything home-related, such as organization products, furniture, or decor, be sure to market directly to those taking on these projects or hiring them out.

And then there’s the option to go in the opposite direction. A little self-care while your home is in construction mode can be a pretty effective marketing campaign angle for skincare brands, candy companies, or anything else that provides comfort during stressful times.

3. Impulse Purchases Are More Common

During the summer, the number of impulse purchases also goes way up. Consumers are usually a lot more relaxed when it comes to buying items, mostly because they’re shopping for themselves and not someone else. With the holiday season still a few months out, the vacation attitude of “treating yourself” can often lead to an increase in spending.

Furthermore, those who filed taxes later in the season start to see their refunds come back over the early summer. This can lead to a desire to buy those bigger ticket items that they’ve been putting off or didn’t realize were available.

4. Family Purchases for Children Needs Increase

If your brand involves products designed for families and children, expect to see a rise in sales. This is the time of year when school is out for the summer, and more parents are noticing needs they didn’t have before. Expect things like a rise in children’s entertainment products, toys, snack items, and generally anything else that would make a parent or caregiver’s job easier.

Likewise, back-to-school shopping in August and September is a prime focus for a lot of retailers. Most parents are looking for things like clothes for children, office supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. Running discounts or packaged promotions at this time can be a great way to increase sales.

Not in a family or kid’s niche? Don’t worry. You can still market to adults while instilling a little humor. For example, think about a winemaker or beauty company running a self-care campaign for all the moms who are counting down the days until the kids are back in class.

5. Niche Item Demand Increases in the Summer

Another shopping trend that changes during the summer is increased demand for niche items. What do we mean? Think gifts for graduation and weddings. eCommerce brands can easily boost sales by packaging items and marketing them as ideal for the new graduate or perfect for the bride-to-be.

Niche item trends also include outdoor activities, as most people are taking advantage of warmer weather and longer days of sunlight to enjoy their favorite hobbies. For example, if you owned a fishing lure company, you could likely anticipate a rise in sales during peak camping season.

What other niche items see a higher demand during this season? Anything that could be considered a good birthday present. According to statistical research, September is the most common birth month, with August close behind. That means more people shopping for the perfect gift for their spouse, best friend, child, or other special someone. As a retailer, capitalizing on this trend with targeted advertising is a great way to increase sales in July and August.

Wrap Up: How eCommerce Shopping Habits Change in the Summer

As an eCommerce brand, you already know how important it is to be prepared for the holiday shopping season at the end of the year. But the truth is that there are many different ways you can boost sales in the summer based on various trends.

By simply paying attention to the human aspects of what is going on during the warmer months, you can find unique ways to connect with your target market that your brand might not have otherwise thought about.

Ready to learn how CAKE can help you grow your eCommerce brand this season? Please get in touch with our team of experts to start discussing your needs and goals.