Top Valentine’s Day eCommerce Tips and Tricks

Top Valentine’s Day eCommerce Tips and Tricks

We know it’s hard to believe, but yes, Valentine’s Day is almost here, and it is time to prep your eCommerce store for shoppers looking for that ideal gift for their sweethearts. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top Valentine’s Day eCommerce tips and tricks.

1. Think About the Most Popular Gifts for Valentine’s Day

When preparing your ad campaigns for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to think about the most popular categories for gifts. You know, the slightly cliche ones like jewelry, candy, lingerie, flowers, and more. If this is a niche that your eCommerce store is in, make the most of it! Plan your email and paid advertising strategies around these topics and really drive home that your brand has the best possible gift idea. Offer special incentives and other goodies that your competitors aren’t providing to really get an edge.

2. Take the Alternative Gift Approach

If you’re not in one of these common categories, don’t worry. You can always take a different approach and target other types of shoppers. For example, think of “ideal gifts for men” or “gifts for people who like cooking.” Honing in on people searching for their loved one’s favorite hobby or activity is an easy way to ensure you stand out in your ads. Just make sure you use wording to speak to gift buyers directly, such as the husband looking for a memorable gift for his spouse or the shopper that waits for the very last minute to buy a gift card.

3. Use Bundles to Your Advantage and Share the Love

Another option is to bundle products together and discount them for a special rate. You might even consider driving traffic to a special landing page just for this purpose. Need a few ideas? If you’re in the skincare niche, consider creating packages of everything a woman of a certain age might need for better skin. Brands that sell kitchen supplies could bundle everything together to cook a romantic meal, including cookware and non-perishable ingredients, with a special recipe card. There’s a lot you can do with this approach, so get creative! In addition, reminding your customers or those buying gifts to ‘share the love’ for a special discount is also a great option.

4. Don’t Forget About Galentines

Not everything is about purchasing gifts for those you love. There’s a whole following for Galentine’s Day, a special time when women celebrate being single and spending time with their closest friends. In some cases, this means buying gifts for others, but usually, it is just a major excuse to splurge on that special item they’ve had their eye on for some time. Create a campaign that caters to these shoppers, especially if your niche is super personal or if you have an item that someone would buy as a gift for themselves. If it works with your brand, even consider putting together a “Galentine’s Party in a Pack” with a variety of items that several women might enjoy using together. For example, include items like multiple bottles of wine or a variety of facial products to do a girl’s night spa experience. Of course, “Malentine’s” is also making a splash with the guys, so you can always play that up too.

5. Perfect the Art of Personalization

This year is definitely a time when personalizing your marketing material is more critical than ever. Integrate different approaches into your emails, landing pages, and ad campaigns that really speaks to someone on a personalized level. For example, use retargeting data to target spouses of people in certain industries and market your products towards a gift purchase. For example, you could ensure your Facebook ads target married people, or you could take another route and create campaigns based on people’s occupations. There’s a lot of room to get creative here, so be sure to brainstorm various campaigns.

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