Spring Marketing Ideas to Freshen Up Your eComm Business

Spring Marketing Ideas to Freshen Up Your eComm Business

The smell of something sweet is in the air: Spring has finally sprung! But before you stop to smell the flowers, there are a few things you should add to your brand’s to-do list this season. 

While your business has been busy taking on the new year with our fresh-out-of-the-oven 2022 marketing strategies, we’ve been busy cooking up some delicious ideas to freshen up your brand for spring. From new seasonal collections to spring cleanings, this is the perfect time to refresh your marketing approach and breathe new life into your brand. 

Take a bite out of our freshly baked spring marketing ideas. Careful: They’re hot!

Spring Cleaning

This domestic expression usually brings to mind thoughts of dusting and disinfecting. But there’s no need for feather dusters or bleach because we are doing a digital cleaning to freshen up your brand’s site, inventory, and campaigns. 

Seasonal Colors and Designs

If your website is still sporting wintry logos and colors schemes, now is the time to brighten up your pages with spring colors like pastels, florals, and Eastery patterns. Pops of seasonal colors are always a must to freshen up your site for the season, and small sentiments of spring can go a long way when it comes to getting your customers in the mood to spend!

Clear Out Winter Inventory

In the spirit of spring cleaning, clear out the remainder of your winter inventory with an end-of-season clearance sale. Slash prices on your winter collections for a limited time only. You’re not only giving customers a great deal on these products, but you’ll also likely sell out last holiday season’s inventory, making room for new collections and minimizing losses. 

Campaigns: “Clean Out” and “Resupply” for Spring

Spring is all about out with the old and in with the new. When launching your seasonal campaigns – especially winbacks – use “spring cleaning” messaging. Encourage your repeat customers to restock their favorite products or even clear out their pantries, closets, or drawers to make room for your new spring drops! 

Promote a Spring Product or Collection

Come springtime, many brands leverage this season of “rebirth” – so to speak – to drop new collections or seasonal products. To really freshen up this spring marketing effort, add a festive seasonal twist to these products or collections. Consider spring colors and patterns when it comes to design and packaging. 

The more your products embrace the feelings and sensations of the season, the more they will resonate with customers and generate excitement about the warm weather (and new drops!). You could even consider launching a limited-edition spring product and building excitement with campaigns and countdowns. 

Spring Holidays

If you haven’t already, now is the time to mark your spring calendar and start preparing for the Q2 holidays. At CakeCommerce, we are big believers that the Q4 holiday shopping season isn’t the only time eComm brands can make huge sales. Between Easter, Mother’s Day, and Earth Day, to name a few, spring is blooming with opportunities to run holiday campaigns.

Some of our sweet ideas include:

  • Easter gift baskets
  • Gift bundles for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
  • Free gift wrapping with purchase
  • Donating a percentage of Earth Day proceeds to an environmental organization 
  • Efforts to honor Mexican-Americans for Cinco de Mayo
  • Memorial Day “summer kick-off” sales

However you choose to leverage spring holidays to make sales, build your brand’s reputation, or reach new audiences, make your marketing strategies inclusive to maximize reach. 

Warm Weather Messaging

One of the best ways to get customers in the mood to make new purchases this season: spring messaging! Put your content and creative team to work crafting campaigns around seasonal sentiments. Play up sunny days, blue skies, and flowers in bloom. Use this language and imagery in your content or ad copy to inspire shoppers and get them in the mood for spring sales.

Give Your Mailing List First Dibs 

If your brand is planning to launch a seasonal collection or new drops for spring, give your mailing list a heads up! These customers willingly gave you their contact info so they could be the first to know about your products and new collections. See your promises through and continue to build brand loyalty by giving these shoppers first dibs and early access to your spring collections before the announcement goes public. 

Contests and Giveaways

Looking for something fresh and fun? Host a contest or giveaway on your social channel(s)! Anything that involves free gifts or prizes is a sure way to get users excited for the season. This is also an extra sweet way to get customers re-engaged in your brand and excited about your products. 

Time to Start Prepping for the Hottest Season with CAKE!

Now that your brand is ready for spring, let’s peek into the near future. Another season of sales is coming up, with summer just around the corner. Let the experienced team at CakeCommerce take a little off your plate in Q2 with our expert eCommerce marketing strategies. To learn more about our services, contact the team at CAKE.