Leveraging New Year’s Resolutions in Your Marketing Strategy

Leveraging New Year’s Resolutions in Your Marketing Strategy

Just as the season of sweet indulgence (and over-indulgence!) comes to an end, the new year mixes its own delicious ingredients into a fresh start for consumers. This isn’t the time to put your marketing campaign on a diet! Even if you savored every bite of the holiday season’s opportunities to connect with your customers, there’s another treat on the table that’s too good to be ignored – the taste of a New Year’s resolution.

According to the latest surveys, almost 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The natural human desire for self-improvement may seem more savory than sweet, but the opportunity it presents to marketers is nothing short of delectable. Best of all, it can be leveraged by virtually any brand or product.

Choosing Your Base Flavor

Every January, consumers are hungry for products that will help them stay committed to their resolutions, so the first thing to consider is which of your products or services translates best to self-improvement. For some brands, this will simply be a piece of cake – if you’re a master of fitness and exercise, for instance, this is your time to shine! But if the flavor of your brand doesn’t quite fit within that traditional recipe, it’s time to set aside the cookbook and get creative. Your audience should feel like your product is a necessary tool for improving their lives or achieving their goals, so start thinking about ways to frame your product through the lens of personal growth.

eCommerce Trends: The Chef’s Kiss

When creating a recipe that mixes your brand with self-improvement, it may be helpful to identify your customers’ long-term goals by savoring a sweet dash of data. eCommerce trends are clear: Consumers care more about sustainability and ethical business practices than ever before. Customers now have endless information about any brand’s mission, practices, and values at their fingertips and are attuned to social responsibility. For example, aligning your brand with a green goal could be just the boost of flavor your audience is craving. Even better, incorporating those goals into your marketing strategy can allow you to attract consumers who care, which translates into a positive, lasting relationship.

Wet Your Customers’ Appetites with Engagement

Once you’ve decided how your product’s ingredients blend with your audience’s goals, it’s time for a taste test! With a clear, concise message, share the story of your brand’s role in self-improvement. It’s natural to start reflecting on positive lifestyle changes long before the clock strikes midnight, so start your marketing campaign early. This gives your customers ample time to visualize an association between your product and their resolutions. Actively marketing to consumers while their motivation is at its highest is the key ingredient to higher engagement, so take advantage of their appetites for a flavorful start to the new year.

Emphasize the Sweetness of Customer Support

It’s no secret that most New Year’s resolutions fall flat immediately after coming out of the oven. Several studies have concluded that nearly 80% of them are abandoned by February, which is probably why the number of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions is decreasing. The antidote to consumer skepticism? Brand confidence. You can build that necessary confidence in your product by highlighting your brand’s commitment to customer support.

A morsel of transparency may taste particularly sweet here, too, so share an example of how you understand the struggle of sticking to a lifestyle change for the long haul. Demonstrating that your brand recognizes the inherent challenges of self-improvement and has a plan to help your customers reach their goals even when things get difficult might be the frosting on the cake!

Convenience Is the Sprinkles on Top

Remember that consumers are collectively exhausted from the demands of a hectic holiday season by the start of the new year. If customer support is your product’s frosting, then consider simplicity the final decorative flourish! eCommerce trends are pointing towards convenience as a driving factor in sales and brand success, as demonstrated by the popularity of subscription services and mobile shopping tools. Make sure you have a plan to ensure a fast, easy customer experience from start to finish, then transition your messaging to emphasize your brand’s dedication to zero stress. To tired customers in search of betterment, there are no sweeter words!

Cook Up Your New Year’s Resolution Brand Story

Appealing to consumers in January can be whisk-y business, so every marketer should whip up their unique New Year’s resolution brand story. Start sharing your story a few months early and incorporate motivators specific to your audience. Address their concerns and aspirations, then align their goals with your product or service. Give them a taste of how your brand could be the answer to achieving those fickle New Year’s resolutions!

Even better, consider making this marketing strategy your own New Year’s resolution by partnering with CAKE! Our team of pros can boost any brand’s flavor to the next level. Go on, bake our day by contacting us.