How to Use Facebook Retargeting to Win Back Your Almost-Customers

Customer Retargeting Best Practices [FB Retargeting Ads]

A customer fills a cart full of amazing goodies on your eCommerce website. Then, they just disappear – ghosted you before they ever even checked out. Hurts, right?

This might not compare to the date who may or may not have done this to you a few months ago, but it can be terrible for business if you’re letting shoppers off the hook this easily. Instead of wishing and hoping they return, consider running Facebook retargeting ads. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Retargeting?

In short, retargeting is essentially what it sounds like. It involves showing Facebook ads to people who already follow your brand, are past customers, or have somehow interacted with your eCommerce company in the past.

Retargeting can be very successful as it doesn’t involve targeting a cold audience. These are people who already know and trust your brand, making it more likely that they’ll make a purchase.

The basis for deciding who gets a retargeting ad can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. For example, you might want to set your audience to include anyone who has recently visited your website, interacted with your brand, or had an abandoned cart in the last few weeks.

How Do You Integrate Facebook Retargeting?

To make Facebook retargeting happen, you’ll need to have the Facebook Pixel integrated within your website. For our non-tech friends out there, this just means you need a specific set of code embedded in your online store to tell Facebook when someone is a candidate for retargeting.

There are many Facebook tutorials online about how to make this happen. However, it is also something that you can configure within Shopify without having to dive into custom code. If you use another platform or are having trouble, consider reaching out to our Facebook ad experts at CAKE for help.

How to Come Up with a Winning Facebook Retargeting Strategy

Now that you know what Facebook retargeting is and how it works with your eCommerce store, it is time to start talking strategy.

Ideally, you want to really think about your target market and drill down to their needs and desires. Customers that abandoned a cart or who haven’t purchased in a few months likely have different needs.

Coming up with the right strategy for your Facebook retargeting ads really means making sure you’ve considered all the factors as to why these customers haven’t come back. Then, you’ll want to weigh these needs against other marketing you’ve done to try to woo them, such as any abandoned cart emails or “we’ve missed you” email marketing campaigns.

When you’ve decided on a message that is most tailored to their particular situation, go ahead and launch a Facebook retargeting campaign with content geared toward that approach. Doing this makes the process seem personalized and can really help you see results from your ad spend.

Multiple Audiences for Facebook Retargeting

It is important to mention that you can have multiple different audiences for retargeting. That means one campaign could go to an audience that abandoned a cart and another to those that haven’t purchased in six months.

Having multiple campaigns running at once isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This means that you’re reaching customers on their level based on the interaction they previously had with your brand. In the end, Facebook retargeting can be a compelling way to win back customers or almost-customers.

Let CAKE Facebook Experts Help You Come Up with the Perfect Strategy

As Facebook ads experts, our team at CAKE is here to help you come up with the ideal retargeting strategy. Not only can we help you ensure you’re winning back the hearts, minds, and orders of those almost-customers, but we can assist with all angles of your omnichannel digital marketing strategy. Contact us today for details.