How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is just around the corner, and now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming sales push.

One easy way to ensure everyone gets what’s on their list this year? By adding gift guides to your online store to make it easier for shoppers to find just the right item for that special someone.

Not only does this push customers towards some of your best-selling products, but it can be a simple way to take the guesswork out of the whole gift-buying experience. And, those who might not already be familiar with your brand could discover a new favorite place to spend money on themselves, too.

Ready to add this secret ingredient into your marketing mix? Let’s jump right in and discuss why gift guides are such an excellent idea and how you can use them to boost sales this upcoming holiday season.

Planning and Creating Your Gift Guide

Gift guides are something that every eCommerce brand needs to use to make finding that ideal gift for a loved one easy.

Think about this for a minute. Throughout the year, your customers purchase your product and become absolute loyalists for your brand.

However, when it comes to holiday shopping, they aren’t the ones making a purchase. Instead, it is a friend or family member — meaning these buyers might not be as familiar with your product line.

This is where having gift guides for certain scenarios or buyer personas becomes important. And here’s how you go about creating them.

Step One: Choose Products You Want to Include

The first step in creating a gift guide for your eCommerce brand is to determine what you’re going to put in it.

Gift guides often work out to be about two-thirds of your best-selling items and one-third of your other products that need to be moved from your inventory. To determine this, look at your previous sales from the following year and see where there might be opportunities for both popular and lesser-known options.

Also, think about both the person who will receive the gift and the one buying it. Is the item too personal, or is it something your ideal customer would want to see under the tree? Use this thought to narrow down your list to a dozen or so different options.

Step Two: Bundle Up (And Not Just for the Winter!)

The next step in learning how to create a holiday gift guide is to identify areas to bundle products together.

For example, maybe your brand offers skincare items that work best when used with each other. Or perhaps there’s a new item or little token you can temporarily add to your inventory to enhance the value of your existing products — such as gift boxes or baskets.

Decide how you’ll do this and the way it will affect pricing. Will you offer a discount for bundles or mark them up a little higher due to the added bonuses? This generally depends on your niche and clientele but can be a strong way to entice customers looking for that perfect gift for a special someone.

Step Three: Segment Recipients for Better Targeting

Another step in the holiday gift guide process is to segment recipients for better targeting. Need an example?

Maybe your list centers around the roles people play in our lives, such as gifts for mom or what dad really wants to see under the tree. You can also opt for lifestyle segments, like the woman on the go, the fitness fan, or people who like the outdoors.

Depending on your niche and product options, your gift guide might entail creating several mini-lists in one.

Again, the key here is to think about who you’re marketing to and why they’re making a gift purchase.

Step Four: Plan Creative Elements and Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Once you’ve narrowed down what items you’re adding to your gift guide and who they’re targeting, it is time to create your guide.

This can be as simple as a blog post on your website or as interactive as an eBook. You can also opt for print designs detailing the various gift options too. It all just depends on your niche, how much time you want to spend, and how you plan on getting these ideas in the hands of shoppers.

From there, start to plan your digital marketing campaigns. Remember, the people you’re targeting are likely not your typical customers and will need a little more push than those already familiar with your brand.

Step Five: Don’t Forget Last-Minute Shoppers

When planning your gift guide, be sure to remember those who have waited until the last minute to buy, too.

Set clear guidelines and deadlines for pre-Christmas delivery and make it clear in your guide so that there are no surprises.

Also, consider using gift cards and vouchers as an electronic alternative if someone needs last-minute gift ideas.

Conclusion: Planning Your eCommerce Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, meaning now is a good time to start planning your strategies. If you need help crafting your gift guide or simply want to look into ways to improve sales heading into this critical shopping season, we can help! Please contact our CAKE team of experts today to start the conversation.