3 Ingredients to Baking a Delicious Holiday Native Advertising Campaign

3 Ingredients to Baking a Delicious Holiday Native Advertising Campaign

The sweetest time of the year is here! The holiday season attracts huge amounts of shoppers globally every year, with eCommerce sales expected to hit record highs. Customers are scrambling to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, all without breaking the bank.

Expect the holiday shopping craze to start even sooner than last year. With more shoppers making online purchases and trying to outsmart supply chain issues encountered last year, they are filling up their carts early. It’s never too soon to start defrosting your holiday advertising campaign strategy!

Digital content consumption is on the rise, so why not place your products in these spaces where consumers can see them? Native advertising is a savvy way to let people know about your holiday deals and product offerings without disrupting their online experience.

We put together three insider tips for using native advertising this season to show you that it’s the icing on the cake to any robust ad campaign:

1. Sprinkle your advertisements across social media 

Does your advertising campaign need some sugar? Consider using ‘in feed’ ads located in the news feeds on social media platforms so you can reach new customers quickly and precisely. Here you can let users know about special holiday deals that interest them.

While customers are worried about prices, they also want the guarantee that their orders will arrive quickly and efficiently. Using urgency in your advertising will nudge shoppers to complete a transaction sooner than they had originally planned. Before getting too close to Christmas, mention to shoppers that they should order now or risk having their gifts arrive long after the holiday festivities are over.

Be sure to focus on where you are placing your native ads on these pages! Keep tabs on where and when users are clicking on your ads to find the sweet spot where they should be located.

Hot tip: Video content is trendy and particularly appealing to younger shoppers scrolling through TikTok and Instagram videos. Placing fun, festive, and informative native ads in these spaces can help your products and promotions get attention like never before. 

2. Put compelling content and tasteful tactics into the mixing bowl 

Place holiday-related native ad content showcasing your product offers in the ‘Recommended Articles’ sections of websites. This is a great way to get shoppers reading about sales and promotions that your store has baking in the oven.

Having creative and informative content for shoppers is a great way to optimize your search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives. Your content should link to landing pages for holiday sales and promotions, which should max out seasonal keywords. Keep these pages festive and to the point by writing content that helps them understand how to navigate the holidays. For example, create a gift guide for customers that showcases your products.

But wait, don’t make the mistake of offering overwhelmingly high discounts! They can actually be a turnoff for shoppers who are skeptical of scams and associate lower prices with poorer quality. Go for a moderate-level deal to ensure more sales success and preserve positive brand association.

At the end of your native advertising content, encourage your readers and customers to comment, like, and share your posts. Start a conversation to build the discussion around the products and services you are offering this holiday season. Creating a buzz always generates sales! 

3. Get your products on your holiday whisk-list 

Being shy about advertising your products will not help your business stand out this holiday season. Use the search and promoted listings to help customers realize that your products are the best gifts they can give to friends and family.

Remember, most Google searches are on mobile devices, so you should prioritize your ads for the mobile user experience. Collect, synthesize, and apply strategies to determine which results are optimal for getting your business’ products on the map.

Do not use clickbait to get users to navigate to your page. Instead, draw them in naturally by prioritizing holiday keyword usage. Try using phrases such as ‘holiday promotions,’ ‘perfect gifts for dad,’ and ‘stocking stuffer ideas’ that grab attention without being overly pushy.

Consider using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to align interested shoppers more with your target market. To help these potential customers understand what they are buying, create a web room for your products. A product web room is particularly advantageous for pricier items. However, building one up can take up to a couple of months, so start preheating it early! 

Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty and Roll in the Dough 

Get in contact with CakeCommerce to learn more about how your company can run an effective native advertising campaign and win the sales bake-off this holiday season.