The Latest Google Shopping Updates: Now FREE for Retailers

The Latest Google Shopping Updates: Now FREE for Retailers

Things have changed dramatically for eCommerce this year. What used to be a solid strategy prior to the global pandemic is now an important way of doing business. Key example? Google Shopping.

The search engine giant has recently decided in light of global events to make it easier for brands to sell online by making their listings free for the foreseeable future. As we head into the holiday shopping season, this is a big deal that you need to know about.

Our team has put together this guide to give you all the sweet details on why this is such great news for eCommerce brands and have provided some examples of why this channel really works.

What is Google Shopping?

First things first. Before we can talk about placing ads on Google Shopping, we have to chat a bit about what it is.

Formerly named Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping allows customers to search for a product and receive a list of items that meet their criteria via the shopping tab. Customers can then review ratings, see prices, and click to go directly to the product page on the eCommerce retailer’s website.

This is both highly convenient for your customers and helpful for your business. Not only does this streamline the shopping process, but it also allows shoppers to see your products in a line up with similar items from other retailers.

How Can This Feature Help Your eCommerce Business?

Are you still wondering what the big deal is? Simply put, Google Shopping can make a huge difference in your sales.

Imagine two scenarios. In the first one, Customer A wants to buy purple running shoes. She looks on several websites, but gets sidetracked and never places an order. She’s just too overwhelmed looking at all of those great eCommerce websites, including yours.

But…Customer B is a smart cookie. She knows Google Shopping exists. So, she searches for purple running shoes and finds a variety of different options on the shopping tab. In the end, she falls head over sneakers in love with the purple running shoes on your website. Instead of getting distracted by all the other listings, she’s able to click directly on the pair, go to the product page, add to cart, and check out.

Can you see why this works so well? Google Shopping is an amazing addition to any eCommerce store’s omnichannel approach.

Case Studies: CAKE Clients Who’ve Seen Success with Google Shopping

Ready to see how our CAKE team has helped eCommerce stores implement Google Shopping into their strategies? Here are a few excellent case studies for you to review.

Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics - Thayers

Thayers is a personal care brand with a rich history in retail sales. In fact, they’ve been in business for over 170 years! Their success with Google Shopping is pretty significant.

  • Average Daily Impressions: 10,500
  • Impression Share: Visible in every 1 in 6 relevant searches (15%)
  • 7% of Direct Paid Revenue & 9% of Assisted Paid Revenue is produced from shopping accounts

Apparel, Accessories, and Shoes - Morgan Lane

Morgan Lane is a women’s apparel brand focused on giving customers their favorite comforts in life: pajamas, robes, swimsuits, lingerie, and more. Adding listings to Google Shopping allowed them to reach out to a new audience, expand their brand, and more.

  • Average Daily Impressions: 13,000
  • Impression Share: Visible in every 1 in 4 relevant searches (25%)
  • 12% of Direct Paid Revenue & 15% of Assisted Paid Revenue produced from shopping accounts

Baby Products - Elegant Baby

Founded in 1967, Elegant Baby is a family-owned luxury brand that caters to choosy parents of infants and toddlers. The Google Shopping experience has allowed the company to expand to a new audience that might not have otherwise known they existed.

  • Average Daily Impressions: 12,000
  • Impression Share: Visible in every 1 in 3 relevant searches (30%)
  • 15% of Direct Paid Revenue & 25% of Assisted Paid Revenue produced from shopping accounts

Home Furnishings - oomph

oomph’s main philosophy is to bring style and beauty to any home. Their unique furnishings are a great addition to Google Shopping, both by bringing one-of-a-kind designs to the platform and giving customers a genuine look at the uniqueness of their brand.

  • Average Daily Impressions: 9,500
  • Impression Share: Visible in every 1 in 5 relevant searches (20%)
  • 4% of Direct Paid Revenue & 13% of Assisted Paid Revenue produced from shopping accounts

Getting Started with Google Shopping

Not sure where to begin with Google Shopping ads before the holidays? It’s okay. Our awesome team at CAKE is here to help. Please get in touch with us today to start the process.