Can’t-Miss Q4 Dates (Besides the “Big Ones”)

Can’t-Miss Q4 Dates (Besides the “Big Ones”)

If your brand is busy preparing for Q4, there’s no doubt your eCommerce holiday calendar is already marked with the “big” dates: Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hannukah, and New Year’s Eve. But if there’s anything our experts know for sure, the little things matter, especially when it comes to the holidays. While we’re sure you’re brand is focusing its attention on the “big ones,” don’t overlook these other can’t-miss Q4 dates.

In the spirit of giving, your brand must consider implementing inclusive Q4 marketing strategies to maximize reach and make the most of the holiday season. While the “big holidays” translate to big sales, the holiday season isn’t all about making money. In fact, leaving out those who celebrate other, less-recognized holidays like Diwali or Kwanza can really take the cake and leave a bad taste in customers’ mouths. 

So, when it comes to holidays, your brand must make inclusivity a top-tier priority. One way to easily incorporate inclusive efforts into your holiday marketing strategy? Taking advantage of these less widely celebrated Q4 holidays and special dates. Plus, a little inspo to make this holiday season a sweet one:


While Halloween is the first big holiday of Q4, there are a few other dates that your brand should try to include in your holiday marketing calendar. Diwali and Columbus Day (which is now more widely celebrated as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”) are two that should not be overlooked. Show a little appreciation for Diwali celebrators with a social post, and acknowledge indigenous peoples with a 24-hour promo like: “For every sale, we will donate $1 to Native American Rights Fund.” 

A few other October dates to consider are:

  • International Day of Non-Violence, October 2nd.
  • National Boyfriends’ Day, October 3rd. Consider a “Gifts for Him” gift guide for your blog.
  • World Teachers’ Day, October 5th.
  • National Inner Beauty Day, October 7th. Calling all beauty brands – this is a great day to launch an inner-beauty campaign or drop a new product.
  • National Coming Out Day, October 11th.
  • Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, October 12th.
  • National Baking Week, October 14th. 
  • Ethnicity Day, October 16th.
  • Make a Difference Day, October 22nd. How does your brand make a difference? Do you donate a percentage of your profits to a good cause? Are your products sustainably made? Take to social media to show off your business’s efforts to better the world.
  • Mischief Night, October 30th. 

While some may seem unconventional, if they apply to your brand or your customers, you should take advantage of this opportunity to host a flash sale or post a shoutout. 


November is a hot month for big holidays – and with those big holiday promos in full swing, your products are (hopefully) selling like hot cakes! From Thanksgiving to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, brands are all about making huge sales this month. But as a result, some less popular holidays and important dates get overlooked. Here is a complete list of November’s can’t-miss dates to add to your Q4 marketing calendar:

  • American Indian Heritage Month, November 1st-30th.
  • Day of the Dead, November 2nd.
  • Japanese Culture Day, November 3rd.
  • Election Day, November 8th. 
  • Veterans Day, November 11th.
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20th.
  • Small Business Saturday, November 27th. Is your shop a small business? Encourage your customers to support your small business! Send out an email to your subscribers, and be sure to post on social media.
  • Native American Heritage Day, November 25th.
  • First Day of Hanukkah, November 28th.
  • Giving Tuesday, November 30th. This is a day to give back. Give back to your customers, community, or a charitable cause.  

A few others that may apply to brands and inspire a promo:

  • National Healthy Skin Month, November 1st. For clean beauty and skincare brands, this is a great day to show off your products to customers.
  • National Stress Awareness Day, November 2nd.
  • National Cash Back Day and National Accessory Day, November 3rd. National Cash Back Day is the perfect opportunity to sneak in a sale before Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If your brand sells accessories, you can also take advantage of November 3rd by dropping a new product or offering subscribers an exclusive deal on your most popular seasonal accessory.
  • International CAKE Day, November 26th. Take this super sweet international holiday to learn a little more about our services and how we can make your brand top-tier!


December: The icing on the cake. With Christmas and New Year on the brain, brands are beginning to wind down their holiday efforts. Shoppers are finalizing their holiday purchases, and businesses are busy whipping up their Q1 marketing strategies. But if you want to make the most of the holiday season grand finale, there are a few other December dates worth baking into your Q4 marketing strategy:

  • National Package Protection Day, December 1st. Consider offering your shoppers free shipping and guaranteed next-day delivery.
  • Christmas Card Day, December 9th. 
  • Hanukkah Begins, December 18th.
  • Last Minute Shoppers’ Day, December 24. Every year a last-minute shopper hopes to get a gift before the holidays. Even if you can’t guarantee delivery before Christmas (and if you can, use this to your advantage), hold a 24-hour flash sale or offer your shopper free shipping (or free gift-wrapping) on a last-minute gift.
  • Boxing Day, December 26th. Host a post-Christmas sale to clear out extra holiday inventory. Or, send out an email to your subscribers reminding shoppers about your holiday returns and exchanges policy.
  • Kwanzaa Begins, December 26th.
  • New Year’s Eve, December 31st
The holidays are a lot to digest, and taking on any more Q4 prep might seem impossible. But with a little help from CakeCommerce, holiday marketing is a cakewalk! We’re experts in all things holidays, big and small. Hungry for more? Contact CAKE to learn more about our eCommerce marketing experts.