Opalens Beauty eCommerce Shopify Marketing Case Study

Ópalens Beauty

Shopify Case Study

How We Helped Build the Ópalens Brand from the Ground Up

145% increase in web revenue since September 2019

Page 1 Organic Ranking for "Tanning Mousse"

Paid search revenue up 37% from 2019 vs. 2020

Paid social revenue is up 82% since starting with CAKE

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About Ópalens

Ópalens believes that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. That’s why they set out on a mission to create the healthiest and safest self-tanner on the planet. The 1st CBD infused sunless tanner, to be exact! From that idea, Ópalens Beauty was born; a sunless tanning and skincare line that gives people anti-aging benefits from head to toe. Each ingredient was picked to do a specific job to ensure customers get the best possible benefits. As a result, Ópalens created the first line of natural CBD skincare products that moisturize and protect your skin, so you can feel confident and beautiful inside and out.

The Results

How The CAKE team perfected the Ópalens Media Mix

  • 145% revenue increase since September 2019
  • An exponential increase in keyword rankings for terminology such as “tanning mousse” which is now on the homepage of Google (moved 42 positions)
  • Domain Authority went from 1 to 13
  • Paid search revenue is up 37% from November 2019 to March 2020
  • Paid social revenue is up 82% since starting with CAKE
  • Paid social conversion rate is up 161% since November 2019
  • Bounce rate is down 10%
  • Session duration has seen a 45% increase
  • Google My Business has generated over $1.2k since launching in October
  • 30% of March sales were generated in a one-week period
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The Perfect Marketing Mix

As a startup that needed to build their brand from the ground up, Ópalens was in search of a partner that could help them establish themselves as a reputable brand. That’s why they decided to add CAKE to their marketing mix! Even though promoting their company and establishing brand awareness was a priority, they also wanted to make sales simultaneously. In addition, because they are a luxury brand they could not run any promotions or discounts, so a strategy had to be created to attract new users without offering any cost-saving deals. Another obstacle to overcome was the fact that CBD is a main selling point of the Ópalens products, and Google and Facebook Ads still have restrictions on this ingredient.

When CAKE was first brought on, we began by mixing up the perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to align on messaging and how they wanted to present their company to the world. Once we were all on the same page with branding, voice, tone, and company goals, we began addressing SEO tags and preliminary keyword research. We also created a Google My Business page and began crafting blog topics that coincided with selected keywords and the optimization strategy, including CBD topics to overcome the obstacle of limited advertising capabilities around their prime ingredient.

Next, our strategy and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) teams at CAKE worked together to select what keywords and paid social media campaigns that would entice users to click through and convert on the website. Unable to use CBD as a selling point in ads, we leveraged other pillars such as “natural and soothing ingredients” and customer testimonials. Being a new brand, Ópalens understood the value of working from Bottom of Funnel (BOF) and up to convert engaged users. So, once these consumers were identified and we understood what they were searching for, our team developed more accurate Top of Funnel (TOF) awareness and conversions through testing tactics across campaigns, audiences, and creative.

The finishing touch in perfecting the Ópalens recipe was a dash of eCommerce strategy. By creating monthly educational and promotional campaigns, we were able to gain sales from new and returning customers while minimizing the use of straight product discounts. And when COVID-19 disrupted the economy in March 2020, we were able to shift our spring break campaign to a “staycay” instead of “vacay” angle, which resulted in the most successful month since opening.

Because of the recipe we whipped up for Ópalens, they saw and continue to see remarkable results (and all in less than a year’s time). Overall, revenue is up 145% since we began working together in September 2019 and their Google My Business page alone has generated over $1.2k since launching in October. Our SEO efforts have resulted in a 10% decrease in bounce rate and a 45% increase in session duration on the website. Paid search revenue is also up 37% since beginning in November and paid social revenue is up 82% as well with a 161% conversion rate (from .38% to 1%). 

Ópalens continues to grow every month both in awareness and revenue, and the first-year results we’ve seen so far have been phenomenal. Collaborating with the client has been a breeze and we look forward to continuing in the future to further establish the customer journey with email automations and post-purchase strategies.