eCommerce Case Study

Whipping Up Wins

Achieved #1 ranking for “at home laser for wrinkles” with 1,220 monthly searches

Boosted organic revenue by 524.3%, reaching $668K YTD

Increased organic traffic by 263.8%, hitting 98.6K sessions YTD

Drove $7.1M in sales from organic traffic for the NIRA Pro launch

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About NIRA

With a focus on professional, clinical-grade laser technology, NIRA has changed the game for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their skin without stepping foot in a clinic. Their non-invasive laser devices promise to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, delivering a smoother, more vibrant complexion without pain or redness. It’s this innovative spirit that has allowed thousands to achieve and maintain radiant, youthful skin with ease.

Upon partnering with CAKE, NIRA plated a three-layered goal: to sweeten their revenue goals, prepare a launch for the NIRA Pro, and enrich their digital presence with a sprinkle of high-quality blog content to boost SEO and engage users. Despite having the right ingredients for success, NIRA needed help cutting through the digital noise and connecting with their target audience.

The Results

  • Increased NIRA’s search engine visibility by 20% within 6 months.
  • Achieved 18 position-1 keyword rankings on Google, totaling 47 keywords at the top spot.
  • Secured the #1 ranking for “at home laser for wrinkles,” which receives 1,220 searches a month.
  • Boosted organic revenue by 524.3% year-to-date.
  • Enhanced organic traffic by 263.8% year-to-date, from 27.1K sessions to 98.6K sessions.
  • Successfully launched the NIRA Pro, driving $7.1 million in sales from organic traffic alone this year.
  • Achieved a page 1 ranking for “skin renewing laser,” targeting the NIRA Pro product page with a non-branded term.
  • Produced and published 10 high-quality blog posts, increasing the site’s content from 1 to 11 significant pieces.
  • Facilitated the publication of 5 guest posts on reputable websites within the beauty industry, helping to improve NIRA’s domain authority.

A Perfect Blend of SEO and Content Marketing

CAKE mixed up a customized eCommerce SEO strategy, using branded and non-branded keyword rankings to drive organic traffic and revenue into NIRA’s business. Through collaborative efforts, a keyword strategy was developed, focusing initially on on-page SEO – optimizing SEO tags, refining on-page content, and generating engaging new blog posts. As momentum built, efforts expanded to off-site SEO, with a strong emphasis on link-building to enhance NIRA’s domain authority.

In tandem, CAKE whipped up a content marketing strategy that was the cherry on top, creating SEO-driven topics that filled the content gaps and positioned NIRA as a leader in at-home skincare. This not only aimed to educate and convert curious visitors but also to lay a solid foundation for the successful launch of the NIRA Pro.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Within six months, NIRA’s search engine visibility increased by 20%, achieving 18 position-1 keyword rankings on Google — including the coveted #1 spot for “at home laser for wrinkles”. This strategic overhaul led to a 524.3% increase in organic revenue and a 263.8% boost in organic traffic year-to-date.

The launch of the NIRA Pro surpassed expectations, contributing to an impressive $7.1 million in sales from organic traffic alone this year. Additionally, NIRA’s strengthened online presence now boasts 10 high-quality blog posts and five guest posts published on reputable beauty websites, significantly enhancing NIRA’s domain authority and brand recognition.

For businesses looking to emulate NIRA’s success, the key is choosing a partner like CakeCommerce that understands the delicate balance between technical SEO requirements and the art of content creation. We’re here to create a strategy that helps your business grow, ensuring each layer of your digital marketing is as delightful as your products. Let’s whip up some success together!

Position 1-3 keyword ranking progression in the last year (NIRA started working with CAKE in April)

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