eCommerce Case Study

Let’s Talk About Some Sweet Results

Paid Social Media Revenue Increased by 920% Over Previous Year

Average Paid Media ROAS over 5 with Holiday being over 25!

Organic Revenue Rose 916% Over Previous Year

Organic Revenue Became the #1 Channel of Revenue for the Gemlux Website

Background For Paid Media Agency

About Gemlux

As the world’s leading stainless-steel marine hardware supplier, Gemlux offers top-notch fishing and boating supplies. Their pieces are designed for innovative use by boat builders and consumers alike with an emphasis on durability. They are a family-owned enterprise with nearly six decades of experience in the industry.

The Results

  • Social Media Revenue Increased by 920% Over Previous Year
  • Overall Search Visibility is Up 26.68% from Start of Campaign
  • Average Paid Media ROAS over 5
  • Huge Successes with Increasing Organic Traffic

Gemlux + CakeCommerce

The relationship between Gemlux and CakeCommerce is a bit different from most of our previous clients. Instead of already having an established online shopping customer base, the marine-products brand came to us with a unique proposition: take their already successful brick-and-mortar B2B boating accessory firm and give the public access to the same goods via online access.

To make this happen, our talented CAKE team sweetened up the marketing plan by designing and developing a brand-new eCommerce website. As a secondary issue, Gemlux needed a page that integrated with its current inventory management system, so we opted for a highly customized build. Thankfully, our knowledgeable and experienced team was up for the challenge and the finished project turned out ideally for Gemlux’s needs.

The next part of this multi-faceted digital marketing plan involved search engine optimization. We decided to include appropriate SEO best practices, including keyword inclusion, from the very start. This meant rerouting any 404 broken links due to the site platform change before they had a chance to negatively impact rankings. We also optimized all title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt tags to reflect tracked keywords. Since the site launch, we’ve also continued to regularly publish blogs and content with targeted keywords to help increase search engine ranking position and organic traffic.

While it initially started out as a challenge, we’ve been able to help Gemlux achieve fantastic results. Not only is their organic traffic up a heaping 68% over the previous year, but organic revenue also rose an astonishing 916%! In fact, thanks to proper SEO methods, organic revenue is the number one channel for paid transactions on the Gemlux site.

For paid advertising, our CAKE team has assisted with both pay-per-click marketing and some social media marketing. Our efforts have proven effective, as social media revenue has increased an exciting 920% over the previous year.

The reason this project is so valuable is that it demonstrates a key idea—just because a company is primarily involved in a B2B environment doesn’t mean they don’t have value as a potential eCommerce site. Through a bit of hard work, tons of inspired customization, and good old-fashioned digital marketing knowledge, CakeCommerce was able to help Gemlux enjoy great success.