Elegant Baby

eCommerce Case Study

Success is Sweet

102% increase in
paid social transactions

Facebook and Instagram
ad revenue increased 102%

173% overall revenue
increase YoY

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About Elegant Baby

Founded in 1967, Elegant Baby is a luxury baby brand dedicated to providing gift-givers and new parents with exceptional products for little ones. From blankets to books and apparel, their catalog features an array of chic, high-quality gift ideas for infants. Elegant Baby also offers various customization options, curated gift sets, and premium gift boxes to elevate the entire experience. The brand boasts several celebrity fans, including household names like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, and Tom Cruise.

The Results

  • Revenue increase of 105% from Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Transaction increase of 102% from paid social
  • 195% increase in new users from paid social YoY
  • Overall revenue increased 173% YoY in April 2021
  • Paid search drove 13,000 web sessions in May and June 2021
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Whipping Up Digital Results For A Modern Era

What happens when a second-generation brand needs to make a push into modern digital advertising? They call in an expert to whip up exciting results, of course!

This is exactly what happened when Elegant Baby reached out to the CAKE Commerce team for assistance. While the company’s longevity of over 50 years gave them a strong foundation, they wanted to expand their digital presence into paid search and paid social media to drive growth and revenue. The good news? Elegant Baby’s extensive history provided our team with a great platform to piggyback our digital marketing efforts. From there, we were able to create the perfect recipe for success.

Collaboration and fluidity were hallmarks of our strategy for Elegant Baby. In addition to providing budgets and projected revenue goals for each channel, our team also exercised flexibility by continuously adjusting our approach to parallel Elegant Baby’s internal efforts and go after the best opportunities. Being able to shift and pivot when necessary allowed us to optimize our efforts and maximize our results.

Our paid search strategy included a variety of efforts aimed at capturing the attention of searchers at the right time with the right messages. This included updating the brand’s existing search ads with occasion-specific campaigns to reach gift-givers, utilizing Google Discovery Ads as an alternative to traditional Display Ads, and more. We also collaborated with Elegant Baby’s internal search engine optimization (SEO) team, who had been seeing great success. This integration gave us insight into the keyword opportunities they were pursuing, which we were able to leverage for paid search to reach target audiences more effectively and support new product drops.

For paid social, we took a full-funnel approach with our campaign, which included feed ads, story ads, and a promoted layer of organic content. In March 2021, as we shifted our strategy to align with platform best practices, we also expanded the use of collection ads based on seasonal necessities and best sellers. These strategic optimizations contributed to a 105% increase in revenue, a 102% increase in transactions, and a 195% increase in new users compared to the previous period.

Seasonality was another primary focus of our paid social strategy, and we worked to refresh evergreen campaigns frequently to reflect the time of year and any relevant gifting holidays. This carried over into our support of product and collection drops, as well, and our team utilized creative positioning to promote products in-season. The CAKE team also designed custom Canva templates, which standardized the process for developing creative assets. This allowed us to work more efficiently when creating and launching new ads. Additionally, we continuously analyzed our paid strategies and optimized them as necessary to ramp up performance.

But that isn’t where we stopped. Upon seeing the results of our work, the Elegant Baby team asked our strategists to assist with Pinterest marketing. This includes optimizing their existing organic content and developing and executing a paid strategy.

The icing on the cake? All of our efforts have drastically increased growth and revenue for these channels. Moving forward, our projections are designed to help the brand achieve further upward movement in the digital space.