Super Sweet Email Subject Lines for Valentine's Day

Super Sweet Email Subject Lines for Valentine's Day

It’s the season of love! From our hearts to yours, CakeCommerce wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, we’re serving up something sweet: email subject lines that are sure to get shoppers hungry for sales. Help yourself!

Why Your Subject Lines Need a Little Love

If you ask our email marketing experts, a swoon-worthy subject line is the key to shoppers' hearts. Last year, shoppers spent $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts. Since V-Day is a huge revenue opportunity, brands will need to put a little extra elbow grease into their February marketing efforts, especially when it comes to subject lines!


To share in a slice of these sweet sales, your V-Day emails need to be chef’s kiss. One way to sweep customers off their feet? Sweet V-Day subject lines! As a matter of fact, 47% of recipients open an email based on the subject line. Make Valentine’s Day a piece of cake with these subject line best practices and ideas inspired by love.

Subject Line Best Practices

  • Keep the copy short and sweet; ideally, 60 characters (or less), or about nine words.
  • Add a personalized touch, like the customer’s name.
  • Create a sense of scarcity, if applicable, and urgency with a deadline.
  • If you’re offering a promo, include an incentive like “10% off,” for example.
  • Use (but don’t overuse) emojis to elevate your copy with a dash of cuteness.
  • Avoid spammy words or clichés.

Heart-Warming Subject Lines


  • The February Love Edit 💌
  • Open Our Love Letter 💌
  • A Love Note From Us To You 💌


  • Give The Gift Of Love
  • One For You, One For Your Valentine 🌹
  • Spoil Your Sweetheart ❤️
  • Love Is In The Air 🌬
  • The 🗝️ To Their ❤️
  • Sweep Them Off Their Feet – And Save 10%! 💸


  • Win Their Heart With 20% Off! 💗💸
  • Be Ours? ❤️ Here’s 15% Off!
  • We’re Serving Up Some V-Day Love 🧁💗
  • Spread The Love With 15% Off
  • Something Sweet Inside… 🍫
  • Unbox Your Sweet Treat! 💝
  • Sweeter Than 🍫 – AND On Sale! 💸
  • Unlock 🔐Love + FREE Shipping! 📦

New Collections

  • Styles We’re LOVING Right Now
  • Looks To Love! 💋
  • These New Drops Are HOT ❤️‍🔥
  • Better Than Roses…🌹
  • We Believe In Love At First Sight 😍
  • Styles Inspired By Love…❤️‍🔥
  • Love Is In The Air + New Drops Are HERE! 😘

Last-Minute V-Day Gifts

  • Don’t Run Out Of Valen-TIME! ⌛🌹
  • You Forgot, But Cupid Remembered 💘
  • Last Chance For Love…🏹❤️
  • Don’t Let Your Love Expire! ⌛
  • Love Is Eternal, But These Last-Minute Deals Aren’t! ⌛

Give Your Marketing Mix a Little Love with CAKE!

Want to see sweet returns on all your holiday marketing efforts? CakeCommerce is the secret ingredient to success! Our team will whip up an email marketing strategy that is simply chef’s kiss. To learn more about our email marketing services, contact us.