Q4 eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Q4 eCommerce Marketing Strategies

The weather is getting crisp, the leaves are starting to change color, and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air. You know what that means? Fall is officially here, and it’s time to start thinking about your autumn promotions and how to attract new customers before the major holiday shopping season begins.

From taking advantage of the playfulness of Halloween to avoiding too much of a push towards upcoming Black Friday deals, there are several ways you can take advantage of attracting customers in the weeks before Thanksgiving.

Not sure where to start? Our CAKE team of experts has you covered. Here are a few fall eCommerce do’s and don’ts for your online brand.

DO: Play Into the Spooky Season Vibes

Halloween is a great time to run a few fun and unique digital marketing campaigns. This time of the year is all about being creative and having fun, which is the perfect angle to take if you want to attract new customers who might not always be familiar with your brand.

Use elements like bright colors, humor/satire, and whimsical design to showcase your products in a fun and light manner. This can also be a good time to run a spooky season campaign with special offers or those centered around fall-specific products. (Pumpkin spice, anyone?)

DON’T: Throw Out Opinions About the Halloween Season

Halloween seems to be one of those holidays that people love or hate. The bad news is that leaning too far one way or another could alienate your client base. However, that doesn’t mean you have to project your personal beliefs through your brand explicitly.

The point? Feel free to run your eCommerce brand following your vision and message. But you can do it without alienating your beloved brand fanatics, too.

DO: Give Thanks to Your Customers

The fall season is typically one where many people take stock of where they’re at in life and show gratitude for the important things in life. That means taking time to create content that gives thanks to your customers, too.

After all, they’re the reason you’re able to grow as an eCommerce brand, right? Consider sending out an email blast that includes letters of thankfulness for their continued loyalty and offers a small pre-holiday coupon code for sticking by your shop for so long.

It might seem like a minor token to you, but things like this really mean a lot to your customer base. This is why planning for a campaign like this for November is a good idea.

DON’T: Push Too Much for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

There’s a fine line between giving your clients a heads up on holiday deals and appearing as though you’re looking for a cash grab. While it is okay to hint at a few upcoming deals now and in the week of Thanksgiving, make sure you aren’t using it as your sole focus.

You can also use little teasers or mini flash sales leading up to the big day to help pique interest. This is okay, but just make sure you’re providing value in your advertising and content, too.

DO: Prep for the Holiday Sales Season

If you aren’t already working on preparing for your holiday sales season behind the scenes, then you need to drop everything and start today. From creating content and creatives to planning your sales, this is the best time to review where you’re at and start getting on point for that end-of-year sales rush.

For example, things like looking at inventory to see where you can discount items for increased sales can help move merchandise more quickly. And evaluate your shipping and fulfillment strategies ahead of time while stocking up on necessary supplies.

DON’T: Whiz Through Fall Too Fast

There’s no doubt that the holiday shopping season is a big one. But make sure you don’t whiz through the fall too fast to get there. Your customers still want to engage with you before they start shopping for gifts for others, meaning it is a good time to push a “treat yourself” offer or sale.

You can also embrace the spirit of the season by posting fall images on social media or a peek into any autumn-themed displays you have in your brick-and-mortar store. There are many options here, but the main point is not to ring those jingle bells too early.

Conclusion: Marketing Your Online Brand This Fall

While holiday shopping should be on your mind, it is still important to embrace the fall season and give your customers the promotions and content they’re looking for. However, if you need extra help with the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, we would love to help. Please contact our CAKE eCommerce experts today for details.