What Are the Best Shopify SEO Apps?

What Are the Best Shopify SEO Apps?

When it comes to marketing your Shopify eCommerce website, paying attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. After all, if you want people to find your products and get excited about your brand on a consistent basis, they have to be able to find you.

The good news is that there are a ton of Shopify apps on the market to help make this a possibility. Specifically, those that help improve your schema markup without causing you to have to get really technical or go through a lot of extra steps.

Here are four of the best Shopify SEO apps to improve your eCommerce store.

#1: SEO Manager

There’s a reason so many Shopify stores trust SEO Manager as a plugin. This robust app features the ability to consistently monitor for potential optimization issues, such as broken links or Google page speed problems. Think of it as a hall monitor for making sure your entire eCommerce store is as optimized as possible. Best of all, the app is affordable at a minimal $20/month and comes with a seven day free trial period.

#2: SEO Image Optimizer

Google Images is ranked as the second most popular search engine on the planet. Thus, it is important to make sure all images on your website, including those for individual products, are optimized as much as possible. SEO Image Optimizer makes this simple by making sure all photos have the appropriate alt tags and descriptions by running a weekly report. A free plan and a premium plan are both available.

#3: Benchmark Hero

If you’re looking for a Shopify SEO app that is a little more direct, then you’ll love Benchmark Hero. The plugin runs an SEO marketing audit to give you a comprehensive listing of areas where you can improve your search engine optimization, while creating lists of goals to help get you on the right track. The audit and analysis are incredibly detailed, which can be helpful if you are newer to SEO or just not sure where you need to make improvements.

#4: Bulk Image Edit

If your Shopify store has numerous products or a large inventory, then you’ll want to use a tool like Bulk Image Edit. This great app allows you to check and make changes to multiple images all at once, such as products and other graphics. You can edit alt tags, shrink sizing, resize aspect ratios, and much more. Plus, it gives you the option of adding watermarks to your photos, which can keep competitors from stealing them.

In the end, the importance of having your Shopify SEO metadata information properly optimized is huge. Search engines like Google use special tags inside your website’s markup called schema to properly categorize and display your page, which means you have to pay attention to what is being displayed and how it relates to your Shopify store.

The top six apps we recommend for optimizing your schema markup include:

How To Determine Which App will Improve Shopify SEO

Of course, you can only use so many Shopify SEO apps to help improve your search engine ranking. Choosing the right one for your eCommerce SEO needs can be a little tricky, but it doesn’t have to be downright impossible.

The pros of using these plugins include the fact that everything is basically done for you and you can easily see what steps you have to take on your own to get your eCommerce store where it needs to be. The cons? Well, Search Engine Optimization best practices change frequently. In many cases, these apps can’t keep up with the changes immediately, which can cause a drop in rank or traffic at an unexpected moment.

This is why working with a real human being to optimize your website is a much better idea. Not only can a Shopify eCommerce expert help you integrate the best apps to use, but they can also take the data from these plugins and use it in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, they can take steps to ensure your optimization matches the overall goal and message of your brand.

Does Shopify Have Good SEO Features?

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the most popular eCommerce website platforms around. The reason for this is that it is incredibly robust and seamlessly integrates with a whole host of different digital marketing needs, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Social Media, and so much more.

But, many Shopify web store owners want to know if the platform has good built-in SEO features. The answer is yes, which is another reason why it is one of the most trusted eCommerce options on the market.For example, Shopify automatically creates an XML sitemap for your website, which allows Google to know the right information to categorize and rank your page. Furthermore, there are thousands of plugins and apps like the ones mentioned here that can take the basic features of the site and make them work even better than they already do.

Of course, SEO features are only as helpful as you make them and tools can only get you so far. This is why working with an eCommerce marketing expert is so crucial to your overall success.

Are eCommerce Shopify Agencies Worth the Hype?

So, you might be wondering at this point if working with a Shopify SEO expert is worth the cost. The answer? Absolutely!

Our CAKE team is not only skilled in Search Engine Optimization techniques, but we know how to get your Shopify store in front of thousands and thousands of buyers. Simply put, we are some of the best eCommerce marketing strategists. We eat, sleep, and breathe all things eCommerce and want to help you see immense success.

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