Molecule Sleep

ROI Increased by 116%


Broke Record for Monthly Revenue

ROI increased from 8.21% to 19.64%

Highest performing email campaign generated $10k+

Created engaging email automations that turned churned customers into loyalists

Backed by science, MOLECULE products are engineered for recovery-focused sleep. With a wide range of high-performance mattresses, toppers, pillows, and more, those who strive for excellence in their active lifestyles will be sure to receive the most restorative sleep possible. MOLECULE is trusted by household name athletes including Tom Brady, Alex Morgan, Russell Wilson, and Michael Phelps. Created with help from a team of renowned sleep doctors and neurologists, MOLECULE is a brand that champions can rely on for a great night’s sleep.
Increased ROI from 8.21% to 19.64%
Broke their revenue record in one month
One December email campaign alone made over $10k
Created engaging email automations that turned churned customers into loyalists
Freshly Designed Email Modules
Email Segmentation Strategy & Execution
A/B Testing, from Subject Lines to Email Content
Plain Text Email Copywriting
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email Marketing Strategies
Creating Monthly Campaign Calendars
Welcome Automation Refresh
Re-engagement Email Automations
Browse & Cart Abandon Automations

The Perfect Batch

MOLECULE knew their online presence was strong, but when it came to their email marketing services, they needed a sweet revamp. Luckily, the sleep experts knew that CAKE could whip up a plan to audit and maximize their email marketing channel's success and meet their goals. 

When MOLECULE first came to us, their email marketing efforts lacked in automations, organization, and overall engagement. Our team of talented digital marketers knew MOLECULE’s creative company should reflect just that, and we wanted to be the ones to accomplish that for them. To start, CAKE helped template their emails to streamline email efficiency. This included standardizing category buttons, UVPs, and promotional banners, so they were on-brand and spoke true to their sleep products. Along with changing the design of MOLECULE’s email modules, we assisted in email segmentation and execution by creating plain text emails and experimenting with numerous A/B tests to compare plain text versus graphic-heavy emails. We also created a campaign calendar to ensure organized marketing efforts to round out their marketing mix. 

Our team here at CAKE knew we’d face a hurdle when it came time to build new automations for each stage of the customer journey. However, we have a sweet tooth for overcoming obstacles and were ready to jump right in. By refreshing their welcome email automation and educational, browse, and abandon cart automations, MOLECULE's sales funnel became more efficient. They also created the opportunity to track customers' actions such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and personalized the recipient's experience with their brand. But that wasn’t all — CAKE continued by assisting in Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing strategies because, what can we say, we love extra opportunities to promote eCommerce (and increase revenue)! 

With help from our team, MOLECULE’s December conversion, click, and open rates were performing better than ever and their revenue was at an all-time high. After having the CAKE team audit and maximize their email marketing, MOLECULE’s brand is sweet, and now their email strategy is, too.