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You want your brand to stand out from the crowd and give shoppers a unique buying experience. The easiest way to accomplish this? By upgrading the look of your online store with custom Magento website development.

Whether you’re redesigning your eCommerce storefront or just taking your brick-and-mortar retail brand online for the first time, CAKE can help you create a store that conveys the right tone and message.

Our team of talented Magento website builders is here to assist with everything from basic store customizations to integrating custom coding to create an improved user experience. Best of all, we can optimize it for better organic traffic while coordinating with the rest of your digital marketing goals and provide advice on how to reach your target customers more effectively. We’ll even keep things crystal clear along the way by using a sweet eCommerce marketing dashboard for you to track growth.

Custom Magento Website Design to Suit Your Needs

Finding the right Magento web design company doesn’t have to be a difficult task. At CAKE, our team of experts is here to walk you through every step of the process.

First, we’ll listen to your ideas and goals to develop a plan that closely matches what you’re looking to achieve. Then we’ll set out to make your vision for the perfect eCommerce store a reality. Finally, we’ll help you launch your eCommerce store while looking ahead to implementing marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your site.

Whether you just need a few small changes or full-scale Magento eCommerce web development, we’ll ensure it’s handled quickly, professionally, and conveys a beautiful aesthetic that accurately reflects your brand.

Taking Your Business Online with Magento Web Design

If you’re just thinking about going digital with your brick-and-mortar brand, then a Magento eCommerce store is a good option. This incredibly versatile and sales-friendly platform features numerous ways to customize your store while giving you plenty of functionality to track customers, segment groups, and much more.

Brands with a solid offline following will really love the ability to import any existing customer lists and integrate their current sales model into a digital tool capable of reaching a wider target market.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a clothing brand or a large manufacturer specializing in B2B sales. We can make your Magento website work in a way that contributes to your success.

Upgrading Your Current Magento Website

The overall flexibility and ease of scalability of Magento is a clear reason why so many brands love it. However, there comes the point when you’ll want to make a few minor upgrades or changes along the way to reflect the growth of your business.

When that time comes, it is important to work with a Magento web development team that understands how it works. Our CAKE team is incredibly familiar with eCommerce web store development, including customizing and updating these online stores to make them shine.

In addition, we can help you add content while giving your current store a modern look with a great shopper user experience. This is especially helpful if it has been a few years since you’ve made adjustments or simply have more products than you did when you first started out.

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CAKE is Your Trusted Magento Web Development Agency

If you’re looking for a team that truly understands the importance of a solid eCommerce user experience strategy and knows how to customize Magento websites, then you’re in luck. CAKE is proud to be a leading provider in all things digital marketing, branding, and online shopping.

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