Magento Email Marketing Experts

Are you connecting with customers and shoppers after they’ve purchased from your Magento store? If not, it might be time to upgrade your eCommerce email strategy to something a little sweeter.

That’s where the CAKE team can help. We’re experts at Magento email marketing and can help you create on-brand campaigns that include your signature voice. Best of all, we can even integrate email as a part of your bigger omnichannel advertising strategy. Working with us to improve your eCommerce email marketing is both simple and effective. Think of it as adding a dollop of chocolate frosting to the top of your three-tiered cake; your website is fine without it, but adding it on makes it absolutely irresistible.

Why Magento Online Stores Need Email Marketing

Email marketing for eCommerce is about more than just sending out messages with your latest sales and offers. It’s about staying top of mind with your clientele and ensuring they remember who you are when they’re ready to shop. If your brand isn’t utilizing this type of eCommerce strategy to retarget past shoppers and current subscribers, then you’re really missing out on numerous opportunities to connect with your target market.

Think about it — if you aren’t sending out emails to your list, how will they know when there’s a sale or other discount opportunity? How can they get to see your brand’s voice and message? A strong Magento omnichannel approach needs eCommerce email marketing, and CAKE is here to whip it up.

Magento CMS Selection and Setup

One of the most important aspects of a strong email marketing strategy is the customer management system (CMS) used to track and send messages to subscribers. However, this is an area where many brands struggle simply because they don’t know which to choose.

If you’re unsure of how to set up your list, CAKE can assist. We’re highly knowledgeable about each platform’s various pros and cons and understand how it integrates with Magento eCommerce sites. Not only will we help with the technical details, but our team can also ensure any customized branding is added to your templates to make it easy to send out messages to your list on the fly.

The Importance of a Strong Email Strategy for eCommerce

Of course, you don’t want just to send out random messages to your list. Having a distinct strategy with an editorial calendar that coincides with your digital marketing is crucial to your success. If you aren’t sure the best way to go about this, CAKE can help. We offer numerous services to ensure you have a well-built email strategy that coordinates your paid advertising, promotional offers, social media marketing, and other elements. 

By making sure you’re sending out the right message to the right people at the right time, you can trust you will get a positive response from your target audience.

Magento Advertising Is a Piece of Cake

You wouldn’t trust a mortgage broker to bake your wedding cake. So why would you trust marketing agencies without Magento and eCommerce experience to help grow your online retail store?

CAKE offers a wide range of Magento eCommerce services designed to increase brand recognition and grow sales. Whether you’re thinking about creating a Magento store online, looking to improve your return on investment (ROI) on paid ads, or simply need to increase organic traffic through better search engine optimization (SEO), we’re here to get it done.